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Unleash next-level data processing with AMD's Alveo™ V80 compute accelerator, now shipping in volume. Engineered for memory-bound applications, it doubles bandwidth and compute density. Perfect for HPC, network security, and computational storage, the Alveo V80 streamlines development and optimizes performance across diverse workloads.



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As embedded AI, video, and control applications explode, there is a growing need for heterogeneous processing to accelerate end-to-end compute within tight area and power constraints. Multi-chip processing solutions come with significant power, area, and complexity overhead; instead, designers need support for flexible, real-time preprocessing, efficient AI inference, and high-performance postprocessing on a single device.

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AMD FPGAs and Adaptive SoCs are the first in the industry to conform to the new DisplayPort™ 2.1 Audio/Video Standard for 8K Ultra-HD Video

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As designs get more complex, AMD is continuing to innovate—ensuring that system architects and developers have the tools they need to efficiently develop mixed-domain designs that include both the processing subsystem and the FPGA fabric.
Today, I am pleased to announce the Vitis™ unified software platform 2023.2 release, offering a singular environment to facilitate the streamlined design, simulation, and implementation of high-performance designs using AMD adaptive SoCs and FPGAs.
Our latest release unleashes new functionality, such as a standalone tool for embedded C/C++ design, a new unified GUI, and a host of enhancements to simplify the use of AMD Versal™ adaptive SoCs with AI Engines (AIEs).

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Bringing new adaptive SoC and FPGA designs to market quickly in an increasingly complex and competitive environment requires hardware designers and system architects to explore new ways of working more efficiently. The AMD Vivado™ Design Suite provides an easy-to-use development environment with powerful tools to accelerate the implementation of large adaptive SoCs and FPGAs.
Today, I’m excited to share details about the 2023.2 release of Vivado Design Suite, which offers even more advantages to designers looking to reach target Fmax fast, accurately estimate power requirements before implementation, and easily meet design specifications.

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AMD extends its leadership in radiation-tolerant, space-grade adaptive compute solutions with the announcement of the Versal™ AI Edge XQRVE2302 

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Across industries and around the globe, cutting-edge technologies require the rapid processing and transmission of vast amounts of data. Wired communications need infrastructure that can support an explosion of network traffic, which will only grow with the introduction of 800G Ethernet and beyond. In the data center, powerful recommendation engines and FinTech software require quick analysis of large data sets. And test engineers can never get enough compute power as they chase blazing-fast, next-generation protocol standards.

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Front row seats.

Courtside at a basketball game.

Ringside at a boxing match.

On the glass at a hockey game.

Right behind home plate.

Experiences such as these put you right in front of the action. You can feel the emotion. You are fully immersed; there are no distractions.

This is the potential of 8K television.

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The emergence of 8K cameras and the capture of higher resolution images is slowly driving the rest of the media workflow to handle 8K content. But the exponential costs of moving, processing, and storing the vast amounts of data associated with 8K content is causing many to question whether the return on investment in new equipment and infrastructure is worth it.

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Technology continues to enable us to capture and share content with increasing fidelity as each generation of mobile phone, television, or camera is released. With the latest equipment, 8K ultra-high definition (8K UHD) is becoming more common amongst professionals and consumers alike. In our previous blog we discussed why and where 8K resolutions are being adopted today, as the leading edge of a larger wave of immersive media technology.   

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