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<h2>Welcome to the AMD Developer Community</h2> Also known as <b>DevGurus</b>, the Developer community consists of software developers using AMD technology, and industry standards supported by AMD. Developers can post in any of the forums within DevGurus. If you don't find a good fit for your topic in one of the sub-forums, then please put it in the General Discussions forum. The particular DevGurus space is for questions about DevGurus itself.<br><br>

Red Team

<h2>Welcome to Red Team!</h2> <font size="+1">Or more specifically, welcome to the home of all things Red Team. You’re on the doorstep of a community of passionate gamers, PC builders and AMD fans who have come together to learn, share, help, and have fun!<br><br> <b>If you need assistance with an AMD product, please visit our <a href="">Support Forums.</a></b></font>

Radeon ProRender

<h2>Welcome to the AMD Radeon ProRender Community</h2> Radeon ProRender is AMD's GPU raytracing software allowing fast and accurate 3D rendering. It supports different manufacturer's GPU's and CPU's using OpenCL™. Here you can find documentation, tutorial videos, share your renders, ask questions, or report issues. For questions or issues related to a specific plugin of Radeon ProRender, post in the corresponding discussion. Please be sure to search for related questions before posting your questions or issues. If you want to have your artwork featured, tag it with #prorender.


<h2><strong>Welcome to the AMD ROCm™ Community</strong></h2> <font size="+1">AMD’s ROCm™ is an open software platform for accelerated compute offering a <b>code once, use everywhere</b> approach. The platform architecture, device, or programming language being used does not matter since, with the openness of ROCm™, developers have a platform they can use for any solution they need.<br><br>This community is for ROCm™ users to come together to learn, share experiences, and help solve issues using the ROCm™ platform.</font>

Server Gurus

<h2>Welcome to the AMD Server Gurus Community</h2> The AMD Server Gurus forum is intended to serve the larger EPYC technical community with important configuration, tuning, and troubleshooting information. Members can ask and share technical questions, answer, and develop discussion threads on key topics directly with the greater AMD engineering community.