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AMD Extends Spartan 6 Product Lifecycle Through at Least 2030

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Our Spartan™ 6 devices, with high IO-to-logic ratios in small form-factor packaging, continue to be well suited for customers in industrial, medical, vision and automotive markets as well as other markets, like communications, where simple bridging is required.

Customers in these segments require extended product longevity, typically requiring product lifecycles of 15 years, with many products supported much longer. 

With that in mind and building on the success of our recent extensions to AMD 7 Series device longevity, AMD is excited to formally announce that support for Spartan 6 FPGAs is being extended through at least 2030. All speed and temperature grades are included.

We take our commitment to supporting long product lifecycles very seriously. As we emerge from the recent supply chain challenges across the industry, we have worked hard to normalize lead times to help customers feel confident in the supply chain today as well as making this formal commitment to give them the ultimate confidence in availability into the future.

Check out our Spartan 6 product page today to learn more…and continue to design confidently!