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Ship, Ship Hooray! Versal HBM Series Now Shipping

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Our 7nm Versal® adaptive compute acceleration platform (ACAP) portfolio continues to hit important milestones across multiple industries, from the data center to edge deployments. Today, we are thrilled to share that the Versal HBM series is now shipping to early access customers.

Versal HBM Series: Take a look at the first Versal ACAP with integrated high bandwidth memory (HBM2e)

The Versal HBM series enables the convergence of fast memory, secure connectivity, and adaptable compute in a single platform. It is the first and only adaptive silicon device combining an SoC and traditional FPGA fabric with integrated HBM2e DRAM and a best-in-class network on chip. It is also the industry’s first shipping hardware adaptable platform with integrated HBM2e. Versal HBM devices deliver up to 820GB/s of throughput performance with 32GB of HBM capacity for 8X more memory bandwidth at 63% lower power than DDR5 implementations. The Versal HBM series secures every layer of the network infrastructure and features the world’s only hardened 400G high-speed cryptography engine on an adaptable platform. It supports up to 1.6Tb/s of line rate encryption and features a broad mix of industry-leading built-in communications functions, including high-speed Ethernet, Interlaken, and PCIe® Gen5 with DMA to deliver multi-terabit connectivity with the flexibility to support a broad range of protocols and data rates.


Versal HBM Series Block Diagram

The Versal HBM series addresses the higher memory bandwidth requirements of the most compute-intensive, memory-bound applications in data center, wired networking, test and measurement, and aerospace and defense deployments.

Among the first companies to adopt the Versal HBM series is Keysight Technologies, a leader in advanced design and validation solutions, which is using the new devices to develop its next-generation test and measure equipment.

“We are excited to collaborate with AMD to accelerate breakthrough innovations for validation engineers in the data center and network application field,” said Dr. Joachim Peerlings, Managing Director and VP & GM Networks & Data Centers Solutions, Keysight Technologies Deutschland GmbH. “Versal HBM ACAPs will provide Keysight the adaptable compute and massive memory bandwidth needed to deliver an exceptional next-generation test and measurement experience to our customers.”

Versal HBM ACAPs are accessible through an early access program in the Vivado® ML for hardware designers and Vitis™ unified software platform for software developers. To learn more about the early access program, visit the Versal HBM series getting started page.

We’re excited about the continued rollout of the Versal portfolio. The Versal HBM series joins the Versal Premium series in shipping to early access customers, while the Versal AI Core and Versal Prime series are generally available and shipping in production volumes to customers. Ship, ship hooray!

For more information, or to view the demo videos and get started with Versal HBM series, visit the Versal HBM series product page.