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Major Advantages of Vivado ML Editions – 2022.1 Release

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This article was originally published on May 31, 2022.

Editor’s Note: This content is contributed by Snehal Ullagaddi, Product Marketing Manager for Vivado ML Editions.

With the new Vivado® ML Editions 2022.1 release, we have introduced some major improvements and enhancements to the tool set.

The Vivado Design Suite 2022.1 release provides:

  • QoR improvement for Versal devices
    • 5-8% faster depending on default or explore strategy
  • ML-based resource estimation
    • Provides real-time resource estimation data for IP
  • ML Strategy Runs now available for Versal devices
    • Useful when iterating designs with difficult-to-meet timing
  • Devices enabled in the Enterprise & Standard Editions of Vivado ML
    • Artix® UltraScale+™ FPGAs: XCAU15P and XCAU10P
    • Additional Versal Prime, Premium, AI Core, and AI Edge series devices

Let's look at some of the major highlights.

QoR Improvement for Versal Devices

With the current release, we have pushed the envelope and brought in improvements for Versal® devices. Work has been done extensively at every step of the implementation stage.

The image below shows the changes made to its corresponding stage on the left. The average improvement that we see is about 5% for default strategies and about 8% for stacked silicon interconnect (SSI) technology based devices. Usually, an average of 2–3% geomean improvements are good. But this time, we are seeing between 5–8 % improvement.


ML-based Resource Estimation

With 2022.1, we introduced a new feature for estimating resources prior to the synthesis stage, called ML-based resource estimation. This feature provides instant resource estimation data for all IPs, as well as IPs within a block design.


ML Strategy Runs Now Available for Versal ACAPs

For Versal devices, we now have intelligent design runs and ML strategy runs. All timing closure features are available from a single right-click on a failed design run. We no longer require the user to open the run and take further steps; ML strategy runs are automatically created. The user no longer needs to create these runs manually from the report’s QoR suggestions.


Next Steps

To learn more about what's new in the Vivado 2022.1, read the release notes.

Download Vivado 2022.1 with latest features and new functionalities for greater productivity and performance than even before.