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Have You Visited the Xilinx App Store? The One-Stop Shop to Evaluate and Buy Alveo and Kria SOMs

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This article was originally published on September 22, 2021.

The Xilinx App Store makes it easy for you to evaluate, purchase, and deploy accelerated applications. You can be deploying effortlessly in the cloud with AWS or running your apps on-premise in under 10 minutes!

How does it work?

It is simple. Our apps are packaged in DRM-enabled docker containers with high security that offer easy credit card check out. Not only can you check out quickly, but we offer different subscription plans that allow you to evaluate apps for free before purchasing. In just 3 steps you can evaluate, purchase and deploy accelerated applications.

New Test Drive Feature

Recently, we provided the end-users with a more interesting way to get started – that is Test Drive, a cloud-based free web execution on target Alveo applications. As a user, the only thing needed is a single Xilinx account and one-click button to run the built-in examples or customized examples, no cloud account nor local cloud set up required.

The biggest advantage of this evaluation flow is that the essence of the solution is directly displayed before the user decides whether to download the docker on-premise or not, therefore it is truly “Taste first and buy later”, which brings a smooth user experience and also provides the solution provider with the best opportunity to display.

Relying on AWS F1, there are currently 4 applications that are enabled with the Test Drive evaluation flow. You can find the AI-based Video Super-Resolution acceleration from BlueDot, the highly efficient signal-level genomic database analysis acceleration on FPGA by Huxelerate, and the True Random Number Generator IP solutions which are widely adopted in networking and security by Secure-IC and Xiphera.

Of course, the app catalog is expanding every day from FPGA accelerated visual search engine, adaptive HDR converter, true random number generator and more! Browse the app container catalog and find the right application for your needs.

Want to Sell on the App Store? It is free with no up-front cost!

If you are an ISV or IPV looking to monetize, distribute, and make your unique applications, algorithms, or IP cores optimized for Xilinx platforms discoverable to a global customer base, the Xilinx App Store is for you! We offer a powerful platform to host, market, and sell your solutions with our easy-to-use DRM infrastructure.

When you sell on the Xilinx App Store, you make your solutions instantly discoverable to a broad user base of businesses and organizations around the world. You can generate more leads by reducing all barriers for your customers to evaluate your solutions and chose your business model whether it be subscription, pay per use, time-based or perpetual licensing – the choice is yours. Billing, invoicing, payment processing, and tax collection are all taken care of automatically based on your preferences with a one-time setup. While you are focusing on selling and marketing your solutions, we are handling the rest.


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