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AMD Versal™ Premium Series VPK180 Evaluation Kit: Over 4Tb/s Bandwidth using 112G PAM4 Transceivers

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Editor’s Note: This content is contributed by Eric Nguyen, Product Marketing Manager, Versal Adaptive SoC Evaluation Kits.


AMD is introducing the Versal Premium series VPK180 Evaluation Kit with over 4Tb/s of bandwidth using 112G PAM4 transceivers and multiple industry-standard connectors. The kit comes with a comprehensive set of accessories and features many onboard interfaces to enable designers to immediately start their board development. 

AMD Versal Premium Series VPK180 Evaluation KitAMD Versal Premium Series VPK180 Evaluation Kit

VPK180 Versal Premium Series — VP1802 Adaptive SoC 

The VP1802 device, part of the Versal Premium series, offers high bandwidth and compute density on an adaptable platform from network to cloud and solves a broad range of industry-specific challenges with performance and flexibility.  

The VP1802 device features hardened 100 to 600G Ethernet cores, High-Speed Cryptographic engines, and 112Gb/s PAM4 transceivers, providing higher-level integration for system designers who demand performance while managing power.  


Key Features and Interfaces 


Key features and interfaces for the VPK180 evaluation board include: 

  • SFP-DD (4), QSFP-DD (6), OSFP (1) connectors for high-speed data communication   
  • FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC+) interface with 68 user-defined signals for I/O expansion and 8 GTYPs   
  • 12GB (6x 2GB. 32-bit), 192-bit LPDDR4 component @ 4266Mb/s memory    
  • MicroSD card interface High-speed debug port 
  • System controller and Board Management and Evaluation (BEAM) tool 

Accessories and tools shipped with the board include a one-year Vivado™ ML Edition design suite licensing voucher, power supply, USB & Ethernet cables, microSD card, and a QSFP-DD loopback module.

What's InsideWhat's Inside


With standardized development flows and a rich set of example designs and tutorials, the VPK180 evaluation kit allows users to quickly prototype and optimize their designs. 


Learn More 

To order or learn more about the board, visit 


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