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AMD Unveils Its First 400G Network Performance IPSec Device at OFC 2023

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AMD, at OFC 2023, will publicly demonstrate its first 400G Inline Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) processing capabilities featuring the AMD Versal™ Premium series, with integrated high-speed crypto engines and hardened network interface IP blocks, working with an AMD EPYC™ processor-powered server.

Until now, IPSec solutions have been limited to 10G-200G network transport speeds despite modern ethernet ports being capable of 400G speeds and moving to 800G. Designed to meet the high-speed port requirements of modern network infrastructure, the device delivers a significant performance advantage over current industry solutions for inline IPSec while maintaining industry-leading encryption standards.

The Versal Premium series’ scalable 100G-400G IPSec design, and hardened 400G channelize high-speed crypto engines in an adaptable platform, closes this gap and bolsters the performance of secure routers and next-generation firewalls used in enterprise and service provider networks. The 400G security solution will allow businesses to operate their high-speed networks without making compromises on security, throughput, or latency.


The Versal Premium architectural design implements all the standard IPSec features, such as tunnel establishment, security policy, database lookup, and protocol processing, as well as encryption-decryption with replay protection implemented at 400G speeds.

Key aspects of the 400G IPSec demonstration include:

  • 100G-400G scalable DCMAC and HSC hardened blocks.
  • 400G Security policies and Security database lookup with AMD’s CAM & STCAM IPs.
  • Integration of IPSec control and data plane with up to 32K tunnel setup using industry-standard strongSwan APIs running on the AMD platform using EPYC processors and Versal Premium series devices.

“Business leaders recognize security as critically important, but the reality has been that security features on network nodes haven’t kept pace with innovation and network infrastructure speed evolution,” said Gilles Garcia, senior director, AECG Data Center and Comms Group, AMD. “AMD’s new technology platform solution will unleash security capabilities to match the speed required within networks.”

Please visit AMD at OFC 2023, booth #2401, to see AMD’s first 400G IPSec demo in person.

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