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Journeyman III

RX 6800 XT Crashes

Yo hello I need some help

I bought a Rx 6800xt and have the problem that my pc in some games not all randomly crashes and restarts. The windows error logs says Kernel error 41. It only happens in CS go I start a match and within 2 rounds it crashes or in escape from tarkov every hour or so. Other games like assassin's creed Valhalla are fine. Thermals are chilling at 60-70° so they're fine.
What I tried already:
-upgrading/downgrading drivers
-several windows error repairs
-did a software sided power check
-tried stock / oc / undervolt settings
-disabled hardware acceleration of discord and chrome which I have open in the background
-plugged my pc into a different socket
-enabled and disabled various features in adrenaline

My build:
-ryzen 3700x stock settings
-msi x570 gaming edge WiFi
-2x8gb cl 16 3200mhz ram
-Corsair 750M PSU
-rx 6800xt red devil
-several ssds and M2 (unnecessary information but filling in anyways :D)

So I think that was all I hope somebody has an idea. :pray:

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