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The AMD Online Support Community is a place where AMD users can help each other by sharing their valuable knowledge and experiences about AMD products.

Please begin by reviewing the official Terms of Use and Membership for the AMD Community forum and the Information Required When Creating a Discussion.

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Server Processors

<h2>Welcome to the AMD Server Gurus Community</h2> The AMD Server Gurus forum is intended to serve the larger EPYC technical community with important configuration, tuning, and troubleshooting information. Members can ask and share technical questions, answers, and develop discussion threads on key topics directly with the greater AMD engineering community. As a moderated technical forum, we will prioritize submissions by topic to help drive benefits for the wider community as applicable. In some cases, investigation and/or testing may be required, and we will do our best to update the community on progress and resolution. We look forward to receiving feedback from our community members to continue improving your experience.

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