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Adept II

Far cry 3 crashes on RX 6800 xt

I own Far Cry 3, but it crashes a lot, crashes, and turns off the game only on a 6800 xt sapphire nitro plus SE card. As for it, it works normally on the 2060 Super card, the 1660 card, and the 3080 ti card that I have, the current ryzen 3950x processor, and the x570 aorus Ultra motherboard.

I tried to work on dx 9, but to no avail, I turned off anti-aliasing, the same problem, I turned off refresh rate sync, and the same problem


I need driver for fix this problem


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Adept I

Hi. I am now trying to complete Far Cry 3 for the first time. I'm running the game with an RX 6600 card, Ryzen 9 5900x, 32GB of memory on Windows 10. I am also experiencing constantly crashes without any error messages (more in dx9 than dx11). The crashing happens mostly when loading but also when active in game (It seems to be consistently crashing every time the game loads a scene or a save - if having used ALT+TAP between Windows desktop and the game - otherwise it can take up to 4-5 loading screens before the game crashes).

I have also noticed that a few other games have trouble with the newest drivers for this card, e.g. Star Citizen and The Witcher 3 (freezes/crashes and micro-stuttering). To make these games work optimal, I found the only solution was to install driver version 22.5.1, so a rather old driver - but this driver doesn't fix Far Cry 3.

Also I don't see this graphics card series being mentioned in the newer driver releases so I'm wondering if the card series have lost all focus from AMD? It saddens me to see that the new graphics card I bought are having issues with this (and other games). What is the next game which this card will have trouble with? I really wish this card series will improve in future driver updates, otherwise I doubt my next graphics card is gonna be from AMD.


I finally seem to have found a somewhat acceptable solution to this issue. 

As mentioned I have had many issues with the RX 6600 card and I always thought it was a driver issue. But recently I have tested some the mentioned games with the newest driver (23.10.1) using a "Minimal Install" instead of a "Full Install" and suddenly the games are running much more stable. Even Star Citizen have become stable using this method.

Therefore I can now run Far Cry 3 much more stable (only on dx11 as dx9 now crashes few seconds in game). So all in all I now only experienced 3 crashes over 15 hours of gameplay in Far Cry 3.

So the issue with this graphics cards series doesn't seem to be caused by the driver, but actually by some Adrenalin feature.

Note: I did remove all AMD related data with DDU before trying the above, but I don't know if this is necessary.

@sherox888 I'm not sure, but maybe this can help you also?