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[RX580] Random crash to desktop on almost all the games

Question asked by ferraz on Apr 4, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2020 by mstfbsrn980

Hello everyone.


I'm posting here on this forum to have some help.


I'm experiencing since a while (maybe for the whole time I have this card) random crash to desktop on almost games. I experienced those crashes on many games such as :

BeamNG Drive

Fallout 4

Planet Coaster


and much more


The CTD are pretty random. Sometimes I have those things every 5 minutes and sometimes I can be relaxed and clear for half an hour. Here's what I've tried to resolve the issue :

- Uninstalling and reinstalling drivers (using DDU)

- Disabled all the possible overlays for the games (Steam overlay, radeon overlay, windows gaming overlay)

- Checked the temperature. They're okay. The voltage of the 12V rail that powers the GPU is okay too. 11.98V almost all the time while gaming...

- Made a lot of the sfc windows file integrity checks and of course I've made some chkdsk

- Turned off all the features possible on the Radeon software (keyboard shortcut, overlay, screen recording and all the amd misc functions to enhance the graphic quality

- Switched to some previous versions of the drivers. Not better at all.


Because I thought about an hardware issue I made some OCCT/Stress test sessions and everything was very stable for more than half an hour !


I don't know what to do/try. I'm getting more and more annoyed and worried as the time's passing by...

I'm hesitating to rma the card. But i'm not sure it will be accepted. It could be a driver related issue.

Is there people experiencing the same troubles ?


My actual config is :

Ryzen 5 3600


AMD RX 580 8GB (Sapphire Nitro model)

620W Seasonic Bronze PSU


Thank you very much for your help,

have a nice day