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AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.4.1 Release Notes

This discussion is for community members to share their experience using AMD Software Adrenalin Edition 24.4.1.

For the full driver release notes and download link refer to: AMD Software Adrenalin Edition 24.4.1 driver release notes.

New Feature Highlights

  • New Game Support

    • Manor Lords
  • Performance Highlights

    • Performance improvements for HELLDIVERS™ 2
  • Expanded HYPR-Tune Support

    • Nightingale
  • AI Application Update

    • Support and optimizations for 7.1.0 & 7.1.1 versions of Topaz Gigapixel AI application with new “Recovery” and “Low Resolution” AI upscaling features.

Fixed Issues

  • Performance improvements for HELLDIVERS™ 2.
  • Intermittent application crash may be observed while playing Lords of the Fallen and entering certain areas on Radeon™ RX 6000 series graphics products. 
  • Artifacts may appear in certain mud environments while playing SnowRunner on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 6800. 
  • Rainbow-like artifacts may appear in water environments while playing Horizon Forbidden West™ Complete Edition on Radeon™ RX 6000 series graphics products.
  • Intermittent application crash or driver timeout may be observed while playing Overwatch® 2 with Radeon™ Boost enabled on Radeon™ RX 6000 and above series graphics products. 
  • Intermittent application freeze when first launching SteamVR using the Quest Link feature on Meta Quest 2.
  • Intermittent system or application crash when screen sharing using Microsoft Teams. 
  • Intermittent application crash changing Anti-Aliasing settings while playing Enshrouded on Radeon™ 7000 series graphics products. 
  • Display colors may appear “dim” or “washed out” after closing Enshrouded with Auto HDR enabled.

Known Issues

  • Black corruption may be observed while playing Alien Isolation on Radeon™ 7000 series graphics products.
  • Corruption may be observed while playing Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Reloaded Edition or Alan Wake 2 with Radeon™ Boost enabled. Users experiencing this issue are recommended to disable Radeon™ Boost as a temporary workaround.
  • Max Payne 1 and 2 may fail to launch on RDNA 3 series graphics products when Anti-Aliasing is enabled.
  • Texture flicking may be observed while playing Hitman: Contracts.[Resolution targeted for 24.5.1]
  • Intermittent stutter immediately after alt-tab with Performance Metrics Overlay enabled. [Resolution targeted for 24.5.1]
  • Audio and video may intermittently become out of sync while recording using the AV1 codec in AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition. [Resolution targeted for Q3]

If you would like to report an issue with AMD Software Adrenalin Edition 24.4.1, please use the AMD Bug Report Tool. If you require technical assistance with your AMD product, please contact AMD Customer Care.

IMPORTANT! When submitting a bug report against this driver, please make sure to include the following tag into the bug report description field using this format:

FORUM-DriverVersion-Username. For example, if your username was GAMER56 and the driver version was 24.4.1, use the tag FORUM-24-4-1-GAMER56

94 Replies
Adept II

I have 7900 gre and too Problem!!! Don't disable dxnavi. 40-120 fps

I have 6700 xt 23.11.1 and disable dxnavi fix DayZ 140-300 fps proof

don't forget to use the bug report tool.


They haven't been able to fix a bug in DayZ for 3 years!!! So I no longer have hope for this company. My next GPU will be from nVidia.


Time to check if the driver timeouts are still there....

You STILL haven't listed the driver issues with Kingdom Hearts HD1.5+2.5 Remix as a KNOWN ISSUE.... I just wanted it to be known amd you've once again failed to do so....

I'll be back after I test KH again.

Im stil having driver timeouts, with every goddamn driver. I reverted back to 22.X.X to get rid of these problems and still. but at lwast its working now. 6750 XT.



Come on, that's why you lock my thread? Because I was faster???


I think it's because they want the community moderators to post it.

Wasn't an issue in the past......still sucks but hey that's the world goes. Power have only a few ones...




Sadly no official Cossacks 3 fix and no one for World of Goo. Will test later though.

Adept I

Still no acknowledgement of memory leak issues with AMD Radeon 780M Integrated graphics???

Is this what causing the repeating driver crash in windows 11? We have over hundreds laptops with this issue. Graphic Driver crash, we see that in event log. And after some crash the driver gets disbaled in windows. The users dont have admin right and need to call helpdesk to get the driver reenabled. Useless for us. We needed to change to Intel machines because of this bug

Adept I

What kind of issue there was with MS Teams ? Thanks.


AMD Adrenaline 24.4.1

Kingdom Hearts HD1.5+2.5 ReMIX still experiences Display Driver Timeouts.


I am hoping and PRAYING that you are still looking into this.. I gave you so much evidence of the timeouts in my bug reports. Please do not let me down... I am hoping you do not.

Adept I

They just deleted my reply about problems in Cossacks 3. It's easier to just delete posts with problems than to solve them. I leave the red ones, I should have switched to the green ones a long time ago. And delete this post too.

Im waiting second year for fixing problems in Cossacks 3..


Exporting is still broken. It is creating a corrupt *.zip file that cannot be imported. Trying to do so hangs the application.


Hmmm I'm testing this out some more.

Update: Nope false alarm, just crashed.

Adept I

I still don't see World of Warcraft DX12 driver timeout being marked as KNOWN issue... it is known for at least an year on both EU and US Blizzard forums...

Its funny cause it USED to be on that list...


They just don't care. I wouldn't mind if they just acknowledged the issue and said that they need more time. But it's been months and months without any acknowledgement



I'm right there with you! 


Fixed Enable AMD Antilag,Vsync force on adrenaline software,Reduce Gpu Clock values. Disable Scaling GPU in option screen. Sorry for my english, Test 24.3.1 /24.4.1 works fine

Adept II

Still nothing about hardware acceleration in web browsers...

Adept I

This version (adrenalin 24.4.1) still has problems with VR.

even virtual desktop is warning against the 24.1-24.x version so far. and after trying the 24.4 i think it will be the same.

a bit sad they never test vr with their drivers.

studders on quest 3 (virtual desktop) while moving around and particles makes it worse and reverting back to 23.10.2 fixes it!

(bug report sendt yet again)


I also find 23.10.2 the best for the vr games I mainly play : Skyrim and fallout4vr. Objects stutter for me, not fps drop related stuttering from fpsvr from what I see. Any acknowledgement on it being a bug as would be good to get the fps improvements in later drivers , as I see in dcs, without this stuttering. I do wonder if it is due to do version used or the game engine Bethesda uses .

Adept I

Memory leak still present on integrated graphics CPUs (7950X3D)

Come on guys, 6 months of this now..

And its not like a slow memory leak. It requires a reboot of the system once or twice a day if you have 32GB

Adept I

ASRock Phantom gaming7800 xt owner here,


Played Helldivers 2 with the new driver for about 3 hours. It was running great! Didn't have to limit the fps below 90 or limit the boost clock to 2200mhz like I did previously to keep it from crashing.  Took a break and came back and now it crashes immediate to desktop when on the "diving in" screen right before you land on a planet.


I reinstalled the new driver again, verified the integrity of game files on steam, and its still doing it.

What gives?? It was running great a few hours ago.  Even tried AFMF and it was looking great....What do I gotta do to get some enjoyment out of the card I spent over $500 on?


uninstalled and reinstalled the game on steam and its seems to be running now. i can use afmf and run the gpu at 90-100% util without it crashing.  although toggling on screen space global illumination caused a crash.

using these optimised settings:



So, it still crashes.

Thanks for the update.


its hard to say who the main culprit is . seeing as arrowhead also did a terrible job optimizing the game for 7000 series since launch. AMD and Arrowhead are both at fault, but they did just patch the game again as of 4/29 which causes crashing as well...

needless to say this gpu series is a crap-show. still probably never gonna buy another amd card which is unfortunate cause frick team green. who knows, maybe battlemage will be good lol

Adept I

Nothing on Fallout NV/3 being unplayable on 2024 drivers?

I just found out about this myself too. A month ago I could play it when I was on old drivers and windows 10. I update things and instead of fixing bugs I now can't play half of the games. I am very disappointed in AMD. This is the first time I got their card cause of budget limitation and last time. Yeah Green ones cost more but its worth it, I never had to constantly use DDU after every update to get games to work even though I had ancient card. 


Can confirm that Kingdom Hearts HD1.5+2.5 ReMIX is just as crash heavy as before....they definitely haven't fixed it in this update, the waiting continues.

@Sam_AMD Hi Sam hope you are well, is there any new developments with this ongoing issue, im concerned that noone has listed it as an "issue" on the known issues page of the drivers.

Bro sht up nobody cares to this flopped old game.

thats not nice. this guy spent his hard earned money on an AMD product and it doesn't work as advertised. think he has a right to request a fix. this is a driver feedback forum. he's giving feedback in a respectful way

I have faith that they'll do something in the future.

Its just a matter of pursuing answers and asking for updates and above all we must be patient and not seem like we are pestering them. Which it might seem like I'm doing the opposite but to get something noticed you must go to these lengths to get it noticed.

If you have nothing nice to say I suggest you be the one to shut up. At least I am trying to get a known issue more widely known.

Which the vast majority support my cause so in the end your words are just empty.

Adept I

Very good driver after 1 year amd has released a stable driver i can finally watch videos on netflix without issues like stutter or black screen.Netflix is my benchmark tool i dont use 3D mark or uni heaven or other benchmark tools just netflix if netflix is working correctly everything should work fine lol it's weird but it works.

Adept III

This driver was the last chance I as a customer gave AMD to fix their issues.

Video playback in browsers at 1440p and 4k - still laggy and broken

Random grey screen/black screen crashes - still happen

OW2 still compiling shaders every time you run the game and taking 10 minutes to stop lagging

Fortnite still stuttering

Multiple games having known crashing issues for years



After testing the driver and seeing all those issues are still present, and after 18 months of torture with my 6950XT I've finally ordered a 4080 Super.

AMD are so insanely bad at driver design (or maybe they're just making defective hardware that no driver can fix I don't even know at this point)  that they've pushed me into the horrible purchase decision to buy an overpriced GPU at the end of the GPU cycle that's only 30% faster than my current one and not feel any regret because I'm living in constant fear of my PC crashing while working / having fun.