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    Thread stuck in device driver


      So I've seen a lot of threads with the same name but not really the same issue
      I own a Lenovo Y40-70 that I got second-hand, running Windows 10
      Good mid-range laptop, not too shabby, but not top-tier performance wise
      So the thing is, it works as intended, but whenever I try to update the drivers through Radeon Settings, I get a BSOD with that error code, no matter if I choose Express Install or Custom

      The only way for me to stay up-to-date currently is to uninstall the drivers and Radeon Settings either manually through the Device Manager or the AMD Cleanup Utility
      I don't mind the hassle but I'd like to be able to avoid it
      Any ideas on what could be causing this?
      Full specs are as follows:
      CPU: Intel Core i7-4210U
      RAM: Samsung 8 GB DDR3
      M/B: Lenovo Y40-70 (U3E1)
      GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4400/Radeon R9 M275X 2 GB

      HDD: WD Scorpio 320 GB
      Screen: 14" FHD