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Excuse me

Does anyone’s 7950X3D have a higher frequency of CCD0 than CCD1 when running software like R23 or R24?

螢幕擷取畫面 2024-01-16 121930.png

This is the case with my 7950X3D. When running R24 at full preset, CCD0 is higher than CCD1.

When I start PBO, the frequency of CCD0 will climb to 4.9G, and the CCD is about 4.8G

Further adjustment of the Curve Optimizer will cause CCD0 to climb to 5~5.1G, but CCD1 will be stuck at 4.95G

I don't know why this is the case. Theoretically speaking, the frequency of CCD0 will be lower than that of CCD1, right?

Then I use boost Clock override to reduce all core frequencies, for example -200

In this way, the frequency of CCD1 will be close to CCD0, but this way I sacrifice the single-core performance

I discovered one thing at this time: Curve Optimizer should not adjust CCD0

Then when R24 is executed, the frequency of CCD1 immediately exceeds CCD0 and reaches 5.1G.

I don't know why this is happening

I thought it was a heat dissipation problem, but the temperature was not even 80 degrees.

My motherboard is ASROCK X670E TAICHI

I have asked some TAICHI users. Some people also have abnormal frequency problems with their 7950X.

But the feedback has not been resolved

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Big Boss

corsair, I do not know how you managed but your image is unreadable and unusable. Please post a screenshot of Ryzen Master running Cinemench. We do not need to see your desktop or cinebench. Thanks sand enjoy, John.

Edit: Do a Clear CMOS and stay out of BIOS until this is sorted.


Just cleared CMOS, one is full preset, the other is starting PBO

I haven’t seen a CCD1 that can’t run 5G.

You can see that CCD1 cannot run 5G when fully preset, and the frequency is very close to CCD0, sometimes even as low as 100~150MHZ

The second picture is after adjusting the Curve Optimizer.

The CCD1 of this CPU can only be adjusted like this at most.

It can be found that the frequency still does not exceed CCD0


Adept I



Thanks, corsair. The next time you post an image, please use Alt-Print Screen after selecting only the RM image. This way you do not get the desktop, Cinebench or any other thing that is running. I see nothing wrong with either one of the images. The PBO is slightly faster, but in both cases CPU power meter is RED meaning that the processor is throttling.  I assume you set PBO in BIOS, therefore I do not know what MB did. I suggest you set PBO using RM. You can also use RM to increase the limits on the meters at the top. I recommend you be careful here. I will post a SS for doing it when I find it. I emphasize I see no problem here just normal Throttling to protect your  processor. Thanks and enjoy, John.


PBO + ProfilePBO + Profile


Thanks for the answer

The first picture is full preset PBO = AUTO , The settings of any motherboard are like this

If you want to close PBO, you must also Disable

Even if PBO is turned off, this software will still run to 100W

You can see the PPT in the second picture = 1000W, this is the Enable of the motherboard

The 7950X3D I have seen has CCD1 around 5G in all presets. PBO can push CCD1 to 5.2G.

But I have never seen a 7950X3D CCD1 that cannot run 5G, and the power consumption is around 100W...

Moreover, CCD1 is always lower than CCD0. Is this a physical effect?


corsair, again I see no problem here. I also find that my AMD processor runs admirably with Only XMP and NUMA set in the BIOS, so I cannot comment on your CCDx vs CCDy concerns. Please open an AMD support request to continue. Thanks and enjoy, John.


Only one CCD has the extra cache, that CCD runs at a reduced voltage and boost frequency.

Here's some setup tips for 7900X3D / 7950X3D:

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT

My problem is that when all cores are running, the frequency of CCD1 is always lower than CCD0, such as R24 , Once again, I emphasize that it is all core operation, not running games.


When it identifies a game it will "park" the second CCD, the one without the extra cache, ie. all the cores on the second CCD will go to 0 utilization.

However even under "normal" all-core utilization, the CCD with extra cache runs at a slower frequency than the regular CCD. This is intentional because the 3D cache is sensitive to heat and voltage, so it will never boost as high.

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT

Yes, CCD0 is the 3D cache

So my question is to execute R24

Why is CCD0 frequency higher than CCD1 ?  Do you understand?


Why is the power limited to 100W? Specs say the 7950X3D is a 120W TDP and in reviews it draws 150W+. As @misterj stated, it appears to be throttling. This seems to be confirmed by your statement when enabling Curve Optimizer then CCD1 exceeds CCD0 and reaches 5.1GHz. If it's not temps throttling then power settings of the motherboard. Are you running BIOS 1.21 or higher?

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT