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8700G RAM speeds (Donny Woligroski quote)

Per AMD specs the 8700G is only officially supported up to 5200 MHz. 

That being said, AMD personnel have been quoted as recommending higher.

Specifically: "So, first thing is dual-channel RAM, absolute must, that is a huge bandwidth advantage," Donny Woligroski, Technical Marketing Manager at AMD, told PCWorld. "Do not skimp, you gotta have dual-channel. DDR5-6000 is pretty cheap nowadays. If you can do dual-channel DDR5-6000, you are gonna hit those great frame rates and really playable performance and that is definitely that we will steer people."

My questions of course being: is AMD going to officially support a speed higher than 5200, and what speed can we expect for the chip? 

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i HAVE 7900x with X670E RS PRO and my drr5 6000 mhz dims were causing game crashing and systems restart, as soon as i reset the memory dim clocks to default, everything was fine. So there is a chance you never hit the 6000 clock speed Be prepared


Here's a memory compatibility list from AMD - there are some DDR5-6000 kits on there.

As @Angeluk points out, anything over the official supported speed using EXPO is not guaranteed. But DDR5-6000 should definitely be attainable.

If you recall the 5000 series were only officially supported up to DDR4-3200 but AMD recommended DDR4-3600 as the "sweet spot".

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Exactly! Another great example. Would be great if we could get an unhedged - reliable - number instead of merely swapping out sticks and 'trial & error'. Finally, is this chip dependent? Can some chips from different runs handle higher RAM speeds better, or is this just a function of motherboards? Thanks again. 

You cant be sure it is up to the chipset to handle ram speeds, it might be the ram memory dims which does not perform as good as it is supposed to at higher clock speeds... Imagine you lifting heavy weights at the bench and your maximum is 60 kg but someone push to go up to 80 or 100kg....