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Adept II

Any 5700xt users with samsung chg70 monitor !?

I'm getting poor hdr color in most of the games except assasins creed odyssy using 5700xt with samsung chg70 monitor but i got better hdr color accuracy using my previous nvidia 1080gtx with same monitor. I'm not sure is amd hdr not great like nvidia hdr or is this hdr color accuracy problem related with new 5700xt driver ?

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Adept I

My C32HG70 is not able to activate HDR-support properly with Radeon 5700 XT.
It worked well with the prior old R9 Fury X.

It seems to be a driver issue.

are you facing same thing in hdr like me ? fade grey color and purple color instead of getting blue color ?

My monitor isn't able to activate HDR-mode. So I see for example very brightenend colors if I activate HDR in Win10-properties and the monitor shows only "Display Port" instead of "Display Port HDR".

Driver 19.7.5


With updated Driver to version 19.8.1 and installed Windows Update 18362.267 (KB4505903), HDR still don't work on Samsung C32HG70
I'm able to switch to HDR-Mode in Windows like in prior driver version too, but the Monitor displays still only SDR-quality.

i'm using chg70 27 inch version. i'm getting display port hdr during playing hdr game but facing washed and inaccurate color in games. Again hdr to sdr auto swicthing after closing hdr game is not working properly in most of games. Amd should fix this random hdr issues with proper driver as soon as possible for the hdr gamers. Without getting proper hdr color this 5700xt card is totally useless and waste of money to me now as my previous hdr experience with nvidia 1080 gtx was good.

HDR still don't work with driver version 19.8.2 on C32HG70

Its really sad for hdr gamers of 5700xt users. I'm also suffering a lot with C27HG70. Please AMD fix this.

Driver 19.9.3
I changed in the monitor settings the option Freesync "Ultimate Engine" to "Standard Engine" (or "off") an HDR works.
Hopefully, it will be fixed soon, for working on "Ultimate Engine" too to be able to joy useful freesync range like before.


Driver 19.10.01

HDR works now completely!


i have a question, when you use ultimate engine whith the 5700xt you get flickers?


I don't think you were asking me but I thought I would reply/answer this anyway.

If I let my system sit long enough for the monitor to go to sleep (10 minutes my system), then I do get screen flickers.  However, that is on both standard engine as well as ultimate engine.  If I don't let my monitor go to sleep, I will say I don't see flickering in any games although watching YouTube videos in fullscreen sometimes brings up an odd flicker or two.

Regarding the flickering, there maybe a fix coming.  If you looke in the 19.12.1 video drivers released on 12/2/2019 by AMD, the release notes now have a new, known issue in there which says:

- Radeon 5700 series graphics products may intermittently experience loss of display or video signal during gameplay.

The above describes what I'm seeing if I start to play an HDR game after my monitor has gone to sleep.

So, AMD does now recognize there are flickering issues (although they don't mention circumstances or anything).  There is now hope we'll get a fix to this in the future.

The only issue I've seen specifically using Ultimate Engine is after playing an HDR screen and drop back to my desktop, everything looks a bit dark.  I have to enable HDR within Windows and then disable them to get everything looking right again.  Luckily the "fix" for this is quick and easy so I can grin and bear it although this needs to get resolved.

AMD, none of these issues happened for me on the Vega 64!!

Just my random thought(s) and two cents...

Chris Smith


"Radeon 5700 series graphics products may intermittently experience loss of display or video signal during gameplay."

This has actually been in the release notes since 19.10.1 drivers, so nothing new in there really.

I'm inclined to think it actually means the cases where while gaming the display just loses signal and only way you can get it back is reboot.

The problem you're having sounds more display or driver not settings the correct display mode when switching to that HDR case (if you can for example Alt+tab out of it, I'm quite sure it's not the loss of display or video signal -problem), happens to me occasionally when starting a game or alt+tabbing a game regardless if it's using HDR-mode or not, but alt+tab always solved that one.


kaotik wrote:

"Radeon 5700 series graphics products may intermittently experience loss of display or video signal during gameplay."

This has actually been in the release notes since 19.10.1 drivers, so nothing new in there really.

Yeah, you are right about that.  Forgot about that little detail.

kaotik wrote:

I'm inclined to think it actually means the cases where while gaming the display just loses signal and only way you can get it back is reboot.

The problem you're having sounds more display or driver not settings the correct display mode when switching to that HDR case (if you can for example Alt+tab out of it, I'm quite sure it's not the loss of display or video signal -problem)...

Actually, I'm still leaning in the direction of seeing this same issue.  Sometimes the screen goes in and out and I can see the game's menu long enough to exit the game.  Sometimes though, the screen goes total blank.  When the screen goes blank, sometimes I can ALT-Tab and sometimes I can't.  Typically, I can only reboot.  Plus, I am confident I only see this issue after my monitor has gone to sleep.  I can play a game, exit the game and work on the desktop for a bit, then start another game and all is fine.  What I'm seeing, which matches the description in the one line I quoted, only starts when I let the system sit long enough for the monitor to go to sleep.

Since I can't guarantee I can always ALT-Tab out of a game when this mess begins, I have taken to rebooting my system if I want to play if I know the monitor has gone to sleep.  Annoying but it works.

Again, I am only seeing this issue when my monitor goes to sleep after letting my system sit inactive (which is set to 10 minutes on my setup).

I just had a thought; I'm going to play a game without enabling HDR after my monitor wakes up and see if I can still replicate this issue.  I think I have done this already as Gears of War 5 does not have an HDR mode at all (I think) and I still had problems with that.  But, I'll fire up Battlefield 5, disable the HDR, and see what happens.  I'll try to report back what I see.


Chris Smith


Hmmm...  A bit of an update to this.  AMD has released their new Adrenalin 2020 Edition drivers.  The readme for the drivers is located here:

Among several new items, the drivers fix multiple things which includes:

  • Radeon RX 5700 series graphics products may intermittently experience loss of display or video signal during gameplay.

We need to try these drivers out everyone and see what everyone finds.

Keep an eye on the known issues section as something here could throw us off.  May want to disable a feature or two before testing.

Chris Smith

Journeyman III

Having problems with my Samsung C32HG70 and 5700 XT. Freesync 2 HDR doesn't work properly. Worked fine with Vega 64, so this seems like a driver issue.

I have a Benq ex3203r (monitor like yours) and same problem, HDR + freesync dont work fine (Forza Horizon 4 for example). 5700xt too

Adept I

Ran Sekiro on HDR and it showed 'Displayport - HDR' popup. Looked beautiful, no color issues. Very bright and very dark! Can't get around that ghosting/overshoot though at 60hz.


What's ur driver version? R u 5700xt user? Ur monitor? In sekiro I got display hdr popup. But color accuracy are very bad. Another issue is fps lock in 30. If I enable enhanced sync for unlocking fps, it works but then game crashed or even sometimes BSOD screen appeared and pc restarted. 


Yeah 5700xt reference and samsung chg70 32 inch. No problems with Sekiro. Make sure HDR is turned off in windows, it's broken.


I have a C32HG7x and 5700xt Ani. The only game ive tried HDR with is Battlefield V, and the primary issue with it is that when I close the game, it does not disable HDR. I have to cycle HDR display mode on and off in windows display options to get it to turn off after closing Battlefield V.

I'm facing exactly with the most of HDR games like you. Everytime i have to cycle HDR display mode on and off in windows display options to get it to turn off. It's making worse experience to the 5700xt users. Can you play forza 4 or devil may cry 5 in hdr mode and give a feedback about color accuracy ? Color accuracy of both of games in hdr are so dull.


I too am having this exact same issue and another one (see below in a response to the original poster I'll post in a bit).

To resolve the issue of leaving BF5 and HDR still being enabled forcing oyu to toggle on/off in display settings, go to the monitor's settings and set Freesync to 'Standard Engine' instead of 'Ultimate Engine'.  If the framerates in the game you are playing are somewhat high then this works out good anyway as 'Standard Engine' is the best.

Doing this solved that problem for me.  If only I could get past the other problem.  See my response below.

Adept II

Another 5700XT user here, HDR seems to be hit'n'miss, sometimes it enables and looks correct (like 2nd try on Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice), other times the game says HDR is on but the display says it's not (and it's in DisplayPort-mode rather than DisplayPort HDR)

edit: and using specificly C32HG70

Journeyman III

No news from AMD to solve this problem?

I am a new user of a 5700 xt and samsung C32HG70 and I am also having this problem with the HDR.

New installation of windows 10

To test, I reinstalled my VEGA 64 and no problem ...

Adept I

Got the same problem as you guys with a Gigabyte 5700 XT Gaming OC and Samsung C32HG70 monitor.

Latest driver didnt fix the problem: 19.10.1

I think its a combination with the 5700 XT and the monitor. With my RX 580 it worked great...

Just my bad luck again...  bought both product a little while ago... 

AMD can you confirm the problem??? I can't use HDR now

Did you pick upgrade over previous drivers or clean install? Sapphire RX 5700 XT + C32HG70, 19.10.1 fixed HDR for me, did clean install

I upgraded it. Will try a clean install this evening.

Uninstall with DDU

Install latest drivers 19.10.1

Will let you know if it worked

thank you for your reaction.


I would skip DDU, I meant the clean install option in the driver installer. 

DDU can easily break more than it fixes

Gonna try it out!

Edit: Tried it out and it still isnt working normally as before with the RX 580.

Still washed out colours or everything is overbrightend.


Borderlands 3 and Destiny 2. 

Can more people comfirm its working with the new drivers? I dont think so.

kaotik‌ what game did you test?


I enabled HDR, started edge, youtube HDR Pure Video. It was washed out, but i selected the HDR output in youtube. Paused Video, switched HDR off. So im back to Normal display and then my colours look HDR like. See attachment on the left.

Started Chrome, same video. Paused on same frame and check this out (see attachment). It is doing something... But its not doing this in games.

Left is HDR with switch turned off AFTER starting the HDR video and right is with HDR switch off in Chrome. Side by side, not 2 pictures pasted together btw!

Yess.. I'm getting fade and washed out colors in every hdr game like forza 4, devil may cry 5, sekiro, far cry new dawn, hitman 2, mortal kombat 11. Only ac Odyssy hdr color was great and accurate. My monitor 27inch chg70 and using 5700xt reference edition. 


I've tested Hitman & Hellblade 2, but that's not even relevant - you already know if it works or not on desktop simply from the display - if it says on Windows desktop that it's in DisplayPort HDR -state, then everything works, if not and it's in DisplayPort -state instead, it doesn't.

To be little more specific, I forgot to add my XT is Sapphires Pulse, not reference, not that it should matter. I had the same issues before these drivers, took the clean install option in the installer and Windows desktop took my display straight to DisplayPort HDR -state.


Dropping in to say I am having HDR issue on my Samsung cfg73 , my monitor does not support HDR but for some reason some games activate it (Ashen) causing my monitor to dim and colors are all washed out. I have to enable HDR off and on or on and off to re-set the colors. Using display port on 5700xt , talked about messed up!

Adept II

To the original poster...

Yeah, I had a similar issue.  But, it seems that has been resolved since new udpates, new OS udpates, and other such things.

I'm still having two issues:

- When I leave BF5 while playing the game in HDR and have the monitor Freesync set to 'Ultimate Engine', when I leave the game everything appears to be a bit dark which is mentioned above by someone else.  I have to go to display settings and toggle HDR ON then back to OFF to get everything back to normal.  Annoying but there is a fix.  The good news I've found this issue goes away if Freesync is set to 'Standard engine' in the monitor settings.  I could live with this if the following, second issue wasn't happening...

- It appears if I leave my system running for a bit then play a game, the monitor goes crazy for a bit.  The screen will go in and out.  Eventually, it may/may not go totally black.  When this happens, sometimes I can change the Freesync mode of monitor and everything corrects itself, but not always.  Sometimes I can hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and kill the game and that fixes everything, or do something to get back to the desktop such has hit ALT-TAB.  Sometimes, I can't get back to the desktop at all as the screen goes black and stays that way.  I have to power cycle the PC when that happens which is not good as you can imagine.  After playing around with this, I think the problem occurs after the monitor goes to sleep which happens on my system after 10 minutes of inactivity.  I have not been able to replicate the problem as long as the monitor does not go to sleep.

I had neither problem above with my Vega 64.  I am currently using the reference 5700 XT.

Everyone, be sure to submit a problem ticket to AMD to get these problems resolved.  If we bang AMD upside the head enough, we'll grab their attention. 

I hope. 

My issues are a bit different from the original posters so I'm going to start a new forum thread and keep this conversation going!!


Chris Smith

Journeyman III

i have same issue with washed out colours even in gaming.  Below video of the issue:

Windows 10 HDR - YouTube 

I have newest drivers and Windows update. 

Please get those driver fixed.



At one point I had such issues.  I reviewed your video.  It appeared you may have been enabling/disabling HDR in windows.  You shouldn't have to do that.  In fact, I would suggest leaving HDR OFF in Windows.  It also appeared you had multiple monitors.  I'm not sure what that setup does for this.

I will say when I first saw this issue, I think the resolution was to disable every overlay you can find.  In fact, be sure to disable AMD's overlays via the device driver settings!!

Another thing you may want to look at is the color settings in the drivers.  Be sure they are set to 10 bit or whatever the option is for your monitor.

It's been a while since I've seen this issue so I'm not sure how I resolved it, but I really think it had something to do with overlays.

I really hope this helps.

Chris Smith


Hi Chris,

i have same issues when i don’t turn it in Windows 10 but game itself does it. Sometimes it starts switching from displayport to displayport hdr all the time. Another time colours in game get so vibrant that in order to play i would have to wear sunglusses. Will try your advice with overlays but still AMD should get this fixed. I always try to support them with my wallet but this time they let me down. 


I echo your thoughts about the drivers.  There are issues and AMD needs to get them resolved.

One exception to this maybe the vibrant colors issue.  Microsoft has issues with HDR and I don't know if/when they will get them resolved, at least in the near future anyway.  The vibrant colors may not be an AMD driver issue.  I could be wrong.

When it comes to the colors, I will repeat what I'm saying about overlays: find them all and disable them all!!!  Don't forget about Windows Game bar: disable it!!

I hear you about the displayport to displayport HDR switching.  I have seen that often.  In fact, I may have it a bit worse than you.  Several times my screen will flat out go black and just stay black forcing me to power off my system.  The good news is I only see this stuff after my monitor has gone to sleep and I try to play a game.  I have gotten to the point if my monitor goes to sleep and I want to play a game, I'll just reboot my system.  I have a fast m.2 system so a reboot takes like 20-25 seconds.  Still, it's a pain and I should not have to do that.  My Vega 64 did not have this problem!  As long as I don't let me system sit and my monitor therefore goes to sleep, I can play games just fine in HDR.

I love AMD right now but they do have some issues with their drivers.  They need to get them fixed.  My wallet can only go so far.  I make a good living and can splurge here and there, but I have my limits.

I hope what I said about helps,

Chris Smith

Adept II

I'm reviewing this thread which I haven't seen in a while.  I was really hoping AMD would resolve these issues by now or at least somehow let us know they are being looked into.  Perhaps update the known issues section of their README file for the next device drivers?  

I really like AMD stuff and prefer to support them (we need competition!!).  But, my support and wallet have their limits.   From what all I can see, Nvidia's cards support ActiveSync/FreeSync on Samsung CHG70 just fine.  If AMD doesn't get some kind of a handle on this, then I'll have to look at NVidia when Ampere comes out instead of the Navi 20 or whatever AMD will have at the time.

Come on AMD, these problems didn't exist on the Vega 64 series!!!  Let's get this stuff going.

Chris Smith

Journeyman III

I have same issue!