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Journeyman III

Can a AMD Radeon HD 6670 be exchanged with a newer card?

I am running with a 6670 and want to get a better one to run all my Autocad better.  Is there any cards that fit in it's place?

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If your Motherboard supports a HD6670 than it should support newer AMD GPU Card. You just need to have a PCIe x16 8 or 16 speed) slot.

First to upgrade your HD6670 you need to see if your PSU is able to supply enough power for todays newer GPU Cards (Powerful enough). Also need to know if your current PSU has the proper PCIe GPU Power cables to connect to the new GPU cards if applicable. Normally a 6 or 8 pin PSU GPU power cables.

Go to this PSU-GPU website that gives you the Minimum PSU Wattage you will need for your computer for various GPU cards as a Reference:  PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX 

Also you need to know if your Computer case is large enough for todays bigger GPUs that many takes up to 2 slots on the Motherboard.

Plus how powerful your CPU or Processor you have installed. A weak processor will bottleneck a newer powerful GPU card performance.

Thank you for your help.  I know I don't have much room so I cannot handle the longer newer cards. I know my power supply is good enough and I definitely know my CPU is. It's a I7 Quadcore.  I am looking for one that is close to 168 mm .

So Thank you so much again. 


See if this Tech website helps you any. It has the recommended GPU cards for various Autocad software: 

168mm = 6.6 inches long. Is this correct?

The AMD Professional cards are the best for Autocad but non-Professional GPU cards (Cheaper) are also supported.

Before you purchase make sure it will fit in your computer case and you have the minimum requirements to run the GPU card.

Good luck!