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Journeyman III

hello I cant find my radeon settings

everytime I right click on desktop my radeon settings was there but when I was downloading update an close it it dessapeard and I dont know what to do 

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Adept I

Just go into the Windows Search area at the bottom left and type "AMD" and it should pop up


It did not


If I understand, in the previous AMD Driver you had Radeon Settings in the Context Menu and now with the latest you don't.

Do you have Radeon Setting icon in the Hidden Menu on the lower right corner of your Desktop?

It is possible you installation may have been corrupted and not installed correctly.

Follow this basic method to install AMD Driver:

Uninstall the current AMD Driver using DDU as per this method:

It could be due to a corrupted AMD Driver installation.

Download free program DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller). Run it in Safe mode with the internet disconnected.

You can also run it in Windows Desktop but then you would need to Reboot the computer for DDU to finish erasing all of  the AMD Driver traces from your computer.

 Once it finishes uninstalling the current AMD Driver in Safe mode and boots back to Windows Desktop, still with the Internet disconnected, delete the AMD Installation folder C:\AMD if it was created before.

Now install the full AMD Drive package you downloaded manually from AMD Download page. Not the express package. Run the package and if it installs correctly again delete C:\AMD folder and reconnect the internet.

This should prevent any conflict when installing the new version from the previous version.

By the way, C:\AMD is always created whenever you run the AMD Driver package