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Journeyman III

7900 xt crash and no signal


Hi guys, I build a new computer and it ran flawlessly for 2/3 weeks. Out of nowhere the screens went black and the VGA lamp on the mainboard light up and does it every reboot again. I then ordered a new power supply because my old one was probably too weak. After installation, the lamp remained. The graphics card was returned to the dealer and he discovered no errors and returned it to me. I built it in and I had a picture again. After about 30 minutes the original problem reoccurred. I already tried another GPU and the iGPU. Both worked.


Already reinsert the GPU, tried another Slot, Put 2 cables for Power supply. Latest BIOS and GPU Driver is installed


Both times I had the game sunkenland open Just saying


 GPU: Radeon 7900 xt

 CPU: ryzen 7 7800XD

 Motherboard: b650 gaming xax

 RAM: Corsair 48gb ddr5 -5200

 Power supply: tough power gf3 750kw 

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Adept III

Its a driver problem. Get the 23.12.1 driver and you get rid of the crashes.


PC still wont Boot and Red Lamp on VGA 


This is not a driver issue. Driver only loaded after system loaded, so driver will not affect POST.

For example, when not install graphics driver or not install system, your computer should still be able to boot and screen should be displayed. If not, there must be something wrong with hardware.


Adept I

Question, did you plug the video cable into the expansion card or the motherboard? You want to plug both into the expansion card. The expansion card may have some rubber stoppers covering the connectors (on the backplate) that you are looking for.

Journeyman III

RMA the card again i had this happen with my 7900xtx sapphire nitro... first RMA they returned the same card to me saying there is nothing wrong with it... got the card back worked for a week then died again same thing black screen cant do anything about it...

I bet your pc boots in to windows but you have no video, i noticed that later when i was trying to figure out whats going on and then realized i can hear app starting in the windows...literally opened spotify via shortcuts and listen to music...

I had 2 spare gpus at that time and the pc worked fine with them in it just the 7900xtx didnt.. only way the other 2 gpus behaved like the 7900xtx was when i didnt connect power cables to it from psu. VGA light on, no signal but windows boots up. so i sent the card for RMA again and got a new one cuz they couldn't figure out what wrong with it.

Then i found video from JZTwo cents with 6900xt that got the same problem  and it seems like the Gpu bios is responsible for it, either the bios got flushed by something or the bios chip went bad.