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Adept I

Rx 6800 XT

Hi! My computer keeps shutting down when i play certain games like Diablo IV and Warzone 3. Unexpected failure from amd everytime. I can play for like 10 minutes and then it just shuts down. Please help, ive tried everything i could.

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Adept III

Did the issue start after an update of some kind?


Do you have your GPU connected with separate PSU cables (not daisy-chained)?


When you installed or upgraded your GPU drivers, did you use DDU or AMD Cleanup Utility to uninstall the old drivers first? If not, do so.


You may need to install an older version of your GPU drivers. I had to install 23.12.1 and disable ReBAR in BIOS for good stability.



I cant really tell when the issue started.. 

Yes my gpu is connected with separate cables, and i recently bought a new psu because i thought that was the problem. But its still the same thing. 

I always use DDU. 

I currently installed 23.7.1 but it didnt help either. 



Sorry to hear the new PSU didn't fix it.


Hardware Checks

  1. How are your CPU / GPU / mobo temps when the shutdowns happen?
  2. Verify your RAM is good by running MemTest86 (this can take a couple hours)
  3. Try disabling XMP / EXPO

Software Checks

  1. For good measure, run DISM and SFC to repair any broken Windows core files:
  2. Try installing a more recent version of drivers. I see Diablo IV was released immediately before the drivers you currently have installed. I play Warzone 3 and it runs perfectly on 23.12.1 with ReBAR disabled in BIOS.
  3. Reset all Adrenalin settings to default and re-test
  4. Try disabling Adrenalin Overlay and Toast Notifications and re-test
  5. Try doing a Driver-Only install instead of the Full Install and re-test
  6. If none of that works, try a clean Windows install to rule out software.

Hi! Temps are good, ive just did MemTest86, took about 3 hours. No errors.
Next im gonna disable xmp/expo. Thanks for the tips!


Doing a clean install of windows seems to do it. With latest amd drivers. I have played about 40 minutes of Diablo with no shutdowns.

Great to hear. Enjoy!


Hmm, i take it back. Started Warzone directly after and i didnt even join the match and the computer died...


Did the computer fully shut down (total power loss) or does the game or Windows crash?



I dont know how to explain it, it dosent completely shut down. But i can't get any picture so i need to turn it off manually. And i get the kernel-power error if i look in my logbook.


Ive experienced the same issue the entire time ive owned my 6900xt. after the last driver update its been particularly bad


Ok, that's good to know and most likely rules out your PSU.


Now that you have a clean Windows install, you can try:

  1. DDU / AMD Cleanup Utility then "Drivers-Only" install of 24.4.1. It it works, it's an Adrenalin issue.
  2. If #1 doesn't work or you want Andrenalin, DDU / ACU then "Full Install" of 23.12.1 or 23.11.x. If it works, it's a 24.x.x / Adrenalin issue.
  3. If #2 doesn't work, DDU / ACU then "Drivers Only" install of 23.12.1 or 23.11.x. If it works, then it's an Adrenalin issue.

It's so wierd. I've been playing Diablo now for a few days and it's worked just fine. And now it happened again. Kernel-Power again. But im going to try and just install drivers now and see how that works! Thanks for all the help man!


Okey so now i've done a cinebench for 10 minutes om my gpu. Walked away for the last 4 minutes and when i came back my computer had shut down. And i looked in the logbook and it's the kernel-power error. 


Sorry to hear it didn't work.


What CPU do you have? Intel 13900 and 14900 have been causing kernel-power (I think) related issues reported recently.

Temporary solution is enforcing Intel's default power limits manually. Or if your mobo has an updated non-beta bios with the Intel Baseline Profile, install it and use the profile.


One other thing that comes to mind is if you have a BIOS switch on your GPU, try the "other" setting. My RX 6800 has a switch with 2 different options. From what I understand these are typically a "quiet" / "performance" mode. There's also the option of flashing your GPU BIOS as a very last resort.


Given what you've already done (new PSU, RAM validated, fresh Windows), if you don't have Intel and temps are good, at this point I'd start looking to other hardware as the potential issue: GPU, mobo, or CPU.



Yeah it's so frustrating! 

I have a Ryzen 7 5800x. 

Yeah its Bios OC/Silent on the card and its now on OC. 


Hi, if you are facing unexpected shutdowns (total power loss) and not crashing, the first place you should start checking is the PSU.


For a 6800XT I would recommend at least 750watt gold certified of a reputable brand.


Even if you fulfil the requirements, I would still test the card in another system or PSU.


You can try power limit the card to see if it helps a bit.


Good luck 

The Englishman

Hi! Bought an 850 gold the other day because i was sure that was the problem. But it's still the same problem.. 


I have a similar problem with my R7800 XT with an Corsair RM 1000e (connected with two seperate PCIe cables) My Motherboard is a Aorus B550M Elite rev.1.3, updated bios and everything.

I tried to return the GPU without any luck. The issue does not happen during stress tests, so the test center just scratched my cards backplate and send it back to me denying any problems