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Adept I

RX 6600 (8GB) CS2 performance issue


I builded a brand new PC with AMD configuration (specs below) and downloaded Counter Strike 2. I've got a 75Hz 1080p monitor, but the game feels like I'm playing on 30 Hz and FPS despite of the fact that MSI Afterburner, AMD Radeon Software and Steam FPS counter shows 150 + FPS. I have the same issue on the lowest graphics as well. Tried to reinstall the game, the GPU driver and also cleared DirectX cache data. Nothing worked. When I turn on V-sync on the game settings it is fine, quite playable and no stuttering, but there are huge imput lag and I would not like playing shooter, especially CS2 with V-sync on. Any solution?  (Other games are running fine on high graphics without any issue, for example GTA V, ETS2, PUBG. The old game CS:GO is running fine on highest graphics, just it's new CS2 version producing the issue.)

CPU: Ryzen 5 5500

GPU: Radeon RX 6600 8 GB

RAM: 16 GB (2x 8 GB)

Game installed on SSD.


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Adept III

Did u try to reinstall adrenaline with DDU uninstaller in safe mode? 
Is not impossible to play well in CS with V-sync and it has good advantadges such as v-sync helps to keep frames closer the limit in this case 75 fps not bad and no tearing in monitor but yes can cause a bit lag but for this AMD created Anti-lag that i personally use in all multiplayer games.
Other tool you can try is Frame Rate Target Control similar with V-Sync but less input lag but if you use Freesync monitor don t limit it at 75 fps because of Freesync working always on. 73 Fps is good to set. 

Thank you for your reply. First of all I tried one of my friend's 165Hz FreeSync supported gaming monitor and with that I didn't experience any issue, so my current monitor seems to outdated for the game. 

Ok if is an old monitor it can be damaged or outdated as you said.
Test it first before you buy a new one with another cable and see if is different. Cables can be a problem too. Better Display Port. 

To be honest I don't experience this issue with other games. Only with CS2. The previous version of the game, CS:GO also runs well without any issue. I also going to wait some time, because Valve could also fix this issue, if it is on software side. I gonna try another cable as well, thanks for the tip.