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AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.2.1 Release Notes

New Feature Highlights

New Game Support

  • Skull and Bones
  • Nightingale

Expanded Vulkan Extensions Support


Fixed Issues

  • Improvement to intermittent driver timeout or application crash experienced while playing HELLDIVERS™ 2 on AMD Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs. AMD is continuing to investigate additional reports of driver timeouts and application crashes while playing HELLDIVERS™ 2.
  • Improvements to excessive stutter while playing various games, including Battlefield™ 2042, Destiny 2, Overwatch 2, Monster Hunter: World, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II.
  • Deathloop may experience extended loading times on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 6900 XT.  
  • Dead Space may experience an application crash after enabling RTAO on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 6800. 
  • Intermittent application crash when first launching Enshrouded or changing Anti-Aliasing settings on Radeon™ 7000 series graphics products. 
  • Shadows may appear bright, or reflections may be missing while playing Enshrouded on Radeon™ 7000 series graphics products. 
  • HDR settings may intermittently fail to take effect while playing certain games such as Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth.  
  • Intermittent driver timeout or application crash may be considered while playing Counterstrike 2 with FSR enabled on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 7900 XTX. 
  • Graphics API metric may be incorrectly reported as DirectX® 12 for some Vulkan® games.
  • After a system reboot, Parsec host application may experience a crash on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 7900 XTX.  
  • During Microsoft Teams meetings, the camera may intermittently display looped footage on some AMD Products, such as the AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U Processor.
  • Oculus Rift S may display with a green tint on AMD Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs.
  • AFMF may be inaccurately displayed on select hybrid graphics configurations, particularly in systems where one of the devices lacks support for AFMF. AFMF must be supported on the displaying GPU to be activated.
  • Mouse lag or stutter may be observed when selecting the discrete GPU as the primary display adapter on certain mobile systems, such as an AMD Ryzen™ 9 6900HS Mobile Processor paired with an AMD Radeon™ RX 6800S Mobile GPU.


Known Issues

  • Intermittent driver timeout or application crash may be experienced while playing HELLDIVERS™ 2 with 100% GPU utilization on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 7900 XTX.
  • Intermittent application crash or driver timeout may be observed while playing Starcraft II™ on Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs. 
  • Intermittent application crash or driver timeout may be observed while playing Overwatch® 2 with Radeon™ Boost enabled on Radeon™ RX 6000 and above series GPUs. Users experiencing this issue are recommended to disable Radeon™ Boost as a temporary workaround.
  • World of Warcraft may experience extended initial loading times with DirectX 12 API on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 6800.
  • Shader caching may fail for Windows usernames containing accented characters. [Resolution targeted for 24.3.1] 
  • FPS performance metric may incorrectly report values while a game is minimized. [Resolution targeted for 24.3.1] 
  • AMD SmartAccess Video may be incorrectly reported as “Available” on some systems with the Parsec Virtual Display Driver installed.
  • Performance drop may be observed while using some DirectML workloads in Topaz AI.
  • Audio and video may intermittently become out of sync while recording using the AV1 codec in AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition. [Resolution targeted for Q3] 


Important Notes

  • For users who previously installed an AMD Software preview driver, running AMD Cleanup Utility is recommended before installing this driver.
  • Some per-game graphics profiles may have incorrectly been set to HYPR-RX Eco after a driver upgrade. Users experiencing this issue may use the Factory Reset option to return all profiles to default.


If you would like to report an issue with AMD Software Adrenalin Edition 24.2.1, please use the AMD Bug Report Tool. If you require technical assistance with your AMD product, please contact AMD Customer Care.

IMPORTANT! When submitting a bug report against this driver, please make sure to include the following tag into the bug report description field using this format:

FORUM-DriverVersion-Username. For example, if your username was GAMER56 and the driver version was 24.2.1, use the tag FORUM-24-2-1-GAMER56

80 Replies

Obligatory fix Driver Timeouts with RX7000's post.

Please look into this issue as its plaguing an entire foray of GPUs. Its confirmed to be affecting the RX7000's, months and months of reports and no action?

I will not rest until they wake up and realise just how flawed this is.

I cant even play Kingdom Hearts 2 without it crashing from entering or exiting a train, sad.

Making it hard to stay with you Team Red.

@community_moderator Just say the word and I'll add 12 more nVIDIA's 3rd-Party Tools from GitHub to my thread.


Purposely in the hope you and your fellow employees can grasp every single details for good once and for all this time around.

Adept I

Does this update cause random 100% usage on GPU like 24.1.1?


Please check and let me know. So far I have not experienced high GPU usage with 24.2.1 and a 7900 XTX when the system is idle.  

No random 100% usage spikes yet I'll report if it changes.

Any idea about an upcoming fix for Cossacks 3 or at least get it listed as known bug?


Still under debug, I'll see if i can get it added to the release notes known issues for 24.2.1. I'll update the original discussion when there's any new update i can share on the status. 


saw none, i installed the driver like 10 hours ago, watched some clips on youtube(on firefox), browsed the internet a little, watched a movie and played a bit of Cyberpunk. Saw no random spikes and this is how it looks at idle (i have a 6900 sapphire toxic ee) RadeonSoftware_Od7nXhOVHq.png

Journeyman III

Still experiencing crashes in Helldivers 2, even with the Medium preset and a 70 FPS limit on my 7900XTX.

It's listed as known issue too.


7900XT is fine. Scaling set to Native. MPO disabled in Win11.

Journeyman III

AFMF is broken in WHQL driver,well done!

Same problem here when enabling afmf, didn't happen with any 24.1.1 drivers

Adept I

Im using AVC encoder at live streaming on facebook. since 4.1.1 I encounter this issue, when ever I start streaming my FPS drop drastically to 19-20FPS at all time. please fix this AVC encoder issues, Im using RX6600XT I have to rollback again at 23.12.1.

thank you for confirming this. I've also had AVC encoding issues in OBS with the same behaviour since 24.1.1, FPS drops drastically and my whole PC freezes up. Guess I'll be sticking on 23.12.1 for another month.

Journeyman III

Hello why did you erased the 1280 x 1024 resolution because i cant play it with this resolution in my game in 4/3 its my work in esport so can you revert this resolution and comeback it thanks 

Adept III

played a good 2 hours then it came back crash battlefield 2042



32 GB 6000 CL30

well I will try again if it happens back to 23.11.1

Adept II

Teams still crashes when I share my screen, back to 2023 drivers I guess.

same here plays for awhile in battlefield then crash back to 23.11.1


Journeyman III

I'M FED UP with AMD/ATI. I have been using AMD since the first 64-bit CPU in the early 2000's got my first ATI AIW card same day an ATI Radeon all-in-wonder 9800 an upgrade from my 7500. Been building my pcs with AMD and ATI since(Currently 5700g @4.6 and sapphire 6700XT. After the last few drivers, piss poor performance, breaking my oculus steam link and lack luster response/feedback from AMD.

I think my next build will be Intel and Nvidia 


Well I got my response back from Square Enix about Kingdom Hearts not working and it is not very reassuring.

They said that Kingdom Hearts is currently not supported on the Rog Ally. And they don't know when or if it will ever be supported...

Well that blows...

Seems KH 1.5+2.5 will be stuck in an unplayable state.

See below for the actual response i received in full.

Dear customer,

"Thank you for contacting Square Enix customer support, unfortunately the Asus Rog Ally is not supported by the game at the moment, We have no information about when or if it will be supported, but we thank you for your interest and we have passed on this feedback to our relevant teams."


Update: And yet for some reason the game works flawlessly 720p 30fps, is it the higher fps that buggers it?

Update 2: AMD Fluid Motion Frames makes the game more stable. Use unlocked fps, lock refresh rate to 60hz on Command Centre and 60 fps, borderless 720p and Turn off all refresh rate options in game and also in Adrenaline.

Adept I

I'm hoping this fixes the issue the latest driver caused with SteamVR and the 309 error...

Adept I

PLEASE AMD, enable support for « Fluide Motion Frames » on the 2022 Radeon 680m / 660m which ar both on the RDNA 2 architectue

Journeyman III

Hi, I currently have version 24.1.1 and it works perfectly. I noticed the update to version 24.2.1 and proceed with the uninstallation via amdcleanup. Then install the 24.2.1 software. I restart Windows and notice that the audio is not working, I go into the Windows settings, change the device and set the headphones, and the audio is heard, I go back to HDMI and the audio works again. Uninstall 24.2.1 via amdcleanup, install 24.1.1 and the audio works fine again.

So I noticed an incompatibility of the 24.2.1 drivers
RX 6750XT

Journeyman III

Hello developers, after downloading new drivers my pc started freezing at desktop, but there it does not freezing in games (my GPU is RX 6600 and CPU is ryzen 5 3600) , can i get some help pls cuz these lags are annoying


Adept I

New drivers stopped the "Display Driver amduw23g has stopped responding and has successfully recovered" problem for the most part (not completely) with Helldivers, bit the issue persists in other games.

Adept I

I've bought into this AMD XTX7900 hype, and it has only been 2 days! I installed this GPU two days ago, and it has caused nonstop driver timeouts every time I play any types of game. I can't even play League of Legends or Fortnite without it crashing 10 minutes later.

use ddu clean drivers out install 23.11.1 works perfect on 7900xtx cards


Adept I

Updating from 24.1.1 to 24.2.1 somehow breaks Smart Access Memory, when i install the driver SAM works fine. After reboot i get SAM greyed out and no matter what i do in BIOS it doesn't change.



Noting this happened during the last driver as well. BIOS settings never changed for me (rebar, CSM, etc...) and is latest version.

Seems to happen at random. Booted into BIOS at the time of this comment to double check CSM and magically was active when booted back into OS.

Edit: Seems to happen on drivers that have had the 'smart technology' tab added. Rolled back to Adrenalin 23.12.1 until this is fixed.


Something similar has happened to me. Suddenly my PC lost the internet, I restarted it and when it started up a sign appeared saying that because of a hardware change I had to restart it again, from then on the same thing happens to me as you, I can't activate the smart access memory.

Adept I

Bad driver same as 24.1.1 even worse i got a few black screens when connecting dual monitor reverted back to 23.11.1 and everything is back to normal again.


I installed these February drivers over the January drivers.
Fast timing settings crashed every game when trying to launch it.
So I used the AMD amdcleanuputility tool and did a clean installation of the drivers. Game crashing issues with fast timing settings are gone.
But now, for example, the game Call to Arms - Gates of Hell Ostfront does not use the full GPU power! . It shows usage at the level of 60-80% where before it was 100% or more FPS.

ASRock RX7900GRE Steel Legend, i5 13600K, Asrock Z690 PG Riptide, 32gb ddr4 4000mhz.

Please fix the obvious issue with Direct X12 with RX7000's.

This issue has been unresolved for too long now.

Adept III

works for 3 or 4 matches in bf 2042 and crashes locks up game and AMD report tool have to ctr alt del to killem

7900xtx 7800 x3d

Adept II

omg im getting reallky sick of this god dam bs amd cant use my gpu hello windows update keeps screwing up my drivers been 3 weeks now since my  gpu worked i cant use it black screens fix this bs amd **bleep**

Adept III

Overclocking does not work correctly
Voltage is not adjustable. It is not possible to do undervolting - the slider moves, but the voltage does not actually change. Also, the power limit does not increase above 0. The slider is set to 15% but card consumption does not increase, but below 0 it is edited and consumption drops if set below 0.

W11h \ 23h2

rog strix rx6800xt lc

pu 1200w

Adept II

I am having HDR turn on even when turned off with windows 11 with this driver, Updated Windows 11, and 7900XTX. Rolling back driver to 24.1.1 fixes it. 
It happenes when youtuve video in Opera browser goes fullscreen. 
Turning HDR off fixes the bright image but turning off HDR and wathing the content produces extra bright incorrect images. 

Having similar issues where the browser window gets really bright for a couple of seconds. Videos are getting really bright too.

I don't even have an HDR monitor and no way to toggle HDR on/off in Windows. 
A bit annoying.