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Journeyman III

ReLive AVC recorded videos have problematic framerate after trimming

ReLive videos recorded using AVC codec and trimmed in radeon software end up having choppy/twitchy framerate and the intensity of this effect varies depending on where i upload it and from which device i look at it. For example if i upload the clip on discord and view it from my pc the effect is obvious, and if i watch it from my phone the video looks fairly normal, just doesn't look as smooth as normal 60fps recordings do. ReLive AVC recordings also tend to have artifacts when i open them in Vegas pro. 
I tried things such as DDU'ing my drivers and fiddling with settings in radeon software and nothing helped so far. This has been an issue for nearly a year since i updated my gpu from 5500xt from 6650xt, before that i used radeon relive's features without any problems. Anyone encountered a similar problem or know what else i can do to try and fix this issue?



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Journeyman III

I have this same issue, did you ever figure it out?