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Adept I

[19.12.2] Frame Rate Target Control option is missing

Hello, performed a clean install of  Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 edition yesterday, but I found out that FRTC option is missing in new control panel, only Chill is available. I asked other users on forums and all of them doesn't have FRTC option too on different cards.

So, is that a bug in new control panel or had it been removed?

Thx for your answer

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Hi there!

Same issue here, using a Gigabyte RX560 4GB OC and the driver though might seem pretty good, its lost the FRTC option. I play Just Cause 3 with the FRTC enabled at 45 fps or the game starts stuttering, as u know how unoptimized this game is. I can use chill, but it causes stutters and thats why used FRTC before. I just want FRTC back. This was a terrible move by AMD.

By the way, is RIS now available for all cards? My RX560 is getting the option to use RIS (Radeon Image Sharpening), though in the prev drivers I never got this option as the support started from RX570

Adept I

Everything is missing, the release is a disaster, I discovered that the BEZEL CORRECTION controls for Eyefinity are missing (essential for my scientific work) - and various features just appear and disappear for no apparent reason or logic !

I disable all those toys like streaming and similar stuff, I use the suite in it's basic form and no...nothing is okay.

Will revert to the previous version until they fix this.

I hope I won't stumble upon any problems as I revert to the previous version this evening !

My workstations are stable and tweaked to the tiniest detail, they need to run PERFECTLY for weeks without a single restart (I'm not even gonna mention a CTD or a BSOD) - software as unfinished and buggy as this one can potentially do a lot of harm to my systems !

Journeyman III

Developers have removed this option. I often used it. It was very convenient when playing old games. Radeon Chill caused stuttering and FRTC worked fine. Bring FRTC back!

I'm in a similar situation - Chill is not a workable replacement for FRTC for me, due to other problems it causes in some of my games (because the design goals of "minimize power consumption while having a limited notable impact on UX" and "maximize frame rate up to but never over a given limit" are very different). Please restore FRTC settings.

Global FRTC should be put back into the driver as soon as possible.
In practice it is still needed to limit FPS below top end of FreeSync range with Radeon Chill. Keyboard and rapid mouse movement are causing FPS to go > monitor FreeSync Range in Adrenalin 2020 19.12.2 on BF1 DX12 when I tested it today.
That results in screen tearing.

I do know that rapid mouse movement only FPS with Chill was supposed to be limited to Chill_Min since introduction of Adrenalin 2019 release. However that does not always work on all games or all releases. Again Global FRTC is need to limit frame rate to keep it below top end of FreeSync range.

I also looked at using Game Chill_Min = Chill_Max = 59, 74, 121 as an alternative to the missing Global FRTC on Tom Clancy's the Division 2 and BF1 using Adrenalin 2020 19.12.2.

The frame rate is not held at 59, 74, 121 but tend to hover around those values, deviating over or under by 4-5 FPS depending on the amount of keyboard and mouse input activity. That is hardly surprising to me given how Chill works.

The games are  to maintain >121 FPS with Chill off. when I tested these cases, so the frame rate deviation is nothing to do with GPU performace issues causing FPS variation. 

Global FRTC seemed to perform better than attempting to use Chill as a Frame Rate Limiter.

Another observation. Global Chill_Min and Global Chill_Max values do not seem to work at all in Adrenalin 2010 19.12.2.

Chill also has detrimental affect (severely reduces) keyboard only input FPS performance.
I do not like that.
I prefer a Global FRTC option that avoids the use of Chill if I want.

Global FRTC is also useful to save power when running Crossfire DX11.

So please put it back into the driver.

RE: Since you need to set Chill_Max to  300 then Local FRTC was turned on and was set to 300 as well.

The workaround to have a Global Frame Rate Cap in Chill in Adrenalin 2019 (19.12.1 shown)  and have maximum power saving and highest  possible keyboard only input FPS is achieved as follows:

Determine the top end of the monitor freesyc range as follows using the Display Tab hover over the FreeSync Menu and a popup will appear with the information:


In this case the top end of the monitor FreeSync range is 75Hz, so FPS should be limited to 1 FPS less than 75 = 74 FPS to guarantee no screen tearing issues. 

2. Go to the Primary GPU Global Settings Tab and set Global Frame Rate Target Control to 74.


3. Go to the Profile Grphics Tab (in this example for Battlefield1).


Turn on Chill and make sure you keep Profile Frame Rate Target  Control turned off.


Note in the above example, with Chill_Min = 30 and Chill_Max = 74 the keyboard only input FPS (when running with Shift + W held down for example.) will be really low (~47FPS)  in game because Chill_Max is a scaling factor, NOT, and FPS Limit.

Therefore to increase  keyboard only input FPS to its maximum value you need to increase Chill_Max as shown:


Now lets look at the value of the Profile Graphics Frame Rate Target Control when I switch it on.


You can see it immediately matches the Chill_Max setting of 300.

Swapping back to look at the Global Graphics FRTC you can see it is:

Still set to the desired and required value of 74 FPS.

Returning to the Global Profile for BF1:


If I reduce Chill_Max to 250 the Profile Graphics FRTC value is automatically changed to 250.


You need to set the requied value of Chill_Min = 30, Chill_Max = 300 and turn off Profile Graphics FRTC before launching the game to ensure that the Global Graphics FRTC value of 74 is honored to limit the maximun FPS in game to 74 FPS.

You can now launch the game.


Note one the above has been set up, do not use the Radeon Overlay in Game to change Chill_Max because that turns on the Game Profile FRTC which will match the Chill_Max value and override the Global FRTC in game.

I have submitted many AMD reporting forms about this issue for years now and it has never been fixed.
Now in Adrenalin 2020 19.12.2, Global FRTC is just removed with no warning or request for user feedback at all.


According to AMD latest marketing about Radeon Chill here: 
They show Global Chill:

But for me, Global Chill is not working at all in Adrenalin 2020 19.12.2.

Game Chill Settings do work.

Here is the solution.
Remove those Global Chill options and replace them with Global FRTC.

They also have the following FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What API’s does AMD Radeon ™ Chill support?

Radeon Chill currently works for most titles using DirectX® 9, DirectX® 10, DirectX® 11, and DirectX® 12 7 and Vulkan®.

-> OK ....

2. Why are my UWP games not working for Radeon Chill?

UWP games are not supported for Radeon Chill.

-> OK ....

3. Does Radeon Chill work with Radeon FreeSync™ technology?

Radeon Chill is an excellent match with a Radeon FreeSync™ technology capable display.1

-> Erm ... not necessarily true. If FPS goes above top end of your FreeSync range because there is no FPS limiter with Chill, it breaks FreeSync.

Does Radeon Chill replace FRTC (Frame Rate Target Control)?

No. It currently does not, however Radeon Chill does have similar behavior for capping FPS at maximum limits when set per game.2

-> Erm no it does not. Chill_Max is NOT an FPS limit. What was happening was adjusting Chill _Max in the game profile was turning on Game Profile "Local"  FRTC.

Problem is if you set Chill_min at a low level to save any significant power then you have to set Chill_Max at a high value as possible to get reasonable keyboard only input FPS in Chill.

For example.
Chill_Min = 30 with Chill_Max = 300 will only give about 55FPS with keyboard only input in Chill, if for example you are using Shift +W held down to run in a game you will get 55 FPS.

You can  crazily tap a the W keyboard key to do a "Chill Chicken Walk" and the FPS might go as high as 60 FPS.

Since you need to set Chill_Max to  300 then Local FRTC was turned on and was set to 300 as well.

FPS limiter with Local FRTC set to 300 can cause screen tearing unless your top end of freeSync Range is > 300. 

if you run around and waggle the mouse, then FPS shoots up towards 300 FPS.

4. Do I have to enable Radeon Chill for games that are supported?

No. Radeon Chill is a completely optional feature with toggles for both enabling the feature globally as well as per game.

-> I do not understand that one at all.

5. What is the RTS /MOBA Radeon Chill option for?

This option should be used with RTS/MOBA games to enhance the Radeon Chill experience.

-> I do not understand that one at all.

Adept III

FRTC has been one of the key features of Radeon Settings for me over many years and AMD graphics cards. It was a major feature for me swapping from nVidia to AMD back when I purchased my RX480 in 2016 and for me sticking with AMD ever since. If it has been dropped for 19.12.2 and future versions moving forward, I will be really upset. I have reverted back to 19.11.2 so that I can have it. Please AMD don't remove it as it is a really good feature. 


Thanks! I've reported the issue to amd

and now I am using the 19.9.2 version driver

Journeyman III

The only workaround for me is to use freesync with vsync as supposed by amd itself for freesync displays or third party apps like RivaTuner to cap the frame limit.

Hope I may help someone.

RE: The only workaround for me is to use freesync with vsync

I guess that might work if the top end of the FreeSync range = monitor refresh rate. 
I am not sure what the AMD recommendation is about turning on VSync with FreeSync or how well it works with various FreeSync monitors. 
I had thought the recommendation was FreeSync or VSync, not both. 


Per documentation, VSync should play well with FreeSync, only activating to limit displayed frames to some factor of monitor maximum frame rate above the FreeSync range. I haven't actually tried it since I've been able to clamp FPS to the top FreeSync refresh on my monitor; IIRC, before FRTC was an option, I had some issues on some specific games (which might have resulted from collisions between in-engine VSync or frame limiters and driver VSync or FreeSync, not really sure) where I'd get stuttering or suppressed frame rates with VSync enabled, but it's possible those have been resolved. I suppose trying to use VSync with FreeSync to lock the top refresh rate might be an option, though it won't solve the problem of limiting games that lock physics directly to frame rate to whatever their design frame rate is (that's mostly older games, though I think the current version of Bethesda's aging Creation Engine still had issues with physics going wacky at higher frame rates as recently as Fallout 4; not sure if they used the same engine for their MMO and if it still had those problems, as I haven't played it).


Per documentation? 
Can you point to the documentation please? 
I have been looking for the official answer for this one for some time now. 

Was that documentation an AMD Marketing Presentation / Video on Youtube similar to the ones that tell you that Radeon Chill does not affect game performance? 

The last information I saw about using FreeSync and VSync on this forum was here: 
FreeSync work only with Vsync on? 

One  AMD Support person says you should turn VSync off, whilst the other one seems to be saying you should turn it on!



But RivaTuner = MSI Afterburner = 3rd Party App which we get told to remove and not use with Adrenalin. 

Adept II

So odd this was left out with the latest release.


Yeah...I also reported to amd and no wonder how many people did...yet amd did not put it in their latest one T_T 

Adept I

I had enough from AMD as long as it concerns their graphic cards and software, and FRTC removal is the final hit for me. For now, i rolled back to 19.9.2 and i'm not willing to tolerate any more game incompatibilities, software bugs, interface changes to the worse and other issues and annoyances. Ever since i decided to give a second chance to their cards, since day 1, i regreted it much!! I sent them several mails to correct behaviors and bugs but they have seen their shadow big and ignored everything i reported 2 years now, just like they do with this forum, where they send everyone to get rid of you.

In the first chance i get within this year, i'll sell my rx-570 and go back to Nvidia where i'll be able to enjoy again stability, compatibility and proper driver interface, like i used to have for all the previous 22-24 years. AMD good for CPUs, never again graphics from them, especially since they removed the reliable and wonderful CCC !


Adrenalin 2019 19.9.1 was almost there. Just fix Chill so you can tweak keyboard only input FPS, keep Global FRTC and I would have been much happier with my RX Vega 64 Liquid for 4K gaming. This Adrenalin 2020 UI/GUI poor ergonomics  + Bugs + removal of Global FTRC + constanly on Gaming Advisor makes me stop considering RX5700XT now.

Hi - re: "For now, i rolled back to 19.9.2 "

Did you mean to say you rollled back to Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1?

Adept III

I think they forgot to implement FRTC on the new 5000 GPU's

I am not longer using the new 2020 Driver. Thank you AMD ; )


Adept III

I don't have a 5700XT or 5000 series GPU but to test Adrenalin 19.12.1 and FRTC would be interesting.

Adept I

+1 Please bring FRTC. It was extremely useful for matching FPS to freesync upper limit. 

I am having to use vsync now to limit FPS. However that does introduce LAG, and the anti-lag thing does not work with Vsync on. So.....  

I found a post oin this thread: Should I Turn On V-Sync With Freesync..? | guru3D Forums  discussing FeeSync and VSync.
I have not found the original post I have no time to look for it but I copy and paste it here, having to trust it has not been edited:

AMD_Robert Technical Marketing 30 points 7 months ago

Do not use any sort of frame capping with FreeSync. The frame time analysis algorithms that govern FreeSync, FRTC or other methods will conflict and break both solutions. It's unnecessary. Here's why:

1.The only time you'd want to turn off vsync with FreeSync is if the app's FPS can go way above your monitor's max refresh and you want the lowest possible input latency at the expense of a little tearing at high framerates. FRTC is the antithesis of this, so it doesn't make sense to use FRTC in this case.

  1. If you're not trying to get the lowest possible input latency, or the app's FPS stays inside your monitor's DRR window on the regular, then leaving vsync enabled will cap your framerate anyways. FRTC is redundant.
FRTC is for people with regular ol' monitors who are playing low-demand games running in the hundreds of FPS, which just burns power and runs the fan faster than necessary.

GaborBartal AMD R7 1700 || MSI R9 390X 8GB 2 points 6 months ago

Excuse me for the dumb comment, but then if I turn on VSync in a game and enable Freesync in Crimson + in the monitor's menu, VSync only kicks in outside the Freesync range of my monitor? Mine is 40-60 Hz with a max of 60. So 0-40 it wil be Vsync, 40-60 Freesync, 60+ Vsync?

AMD_Robert Technical Marketing 5 points 6 months ago*

Yes. //EDIT: At 60+ on your display: vsync will cap the framerate automatically, effectively forcing the game back into the FreeSync range of your display for smooth gameplay. In practice you would see a smooth 60 FPS for a while, then your framerate might dip and FreeSync would activate and continue the smoothness. If you had an ordinary monitor at 60Hz, it would kick the framerate down to 45 or 30 FPS and you would experience stuttering.

AMD_Robert Technical Marketing 16 points 5 months ago*


  1. If vsync is enabled, it is only active when the FPS is above or below your monitor's refresh rate range.
  2. If FPS is below, the monitor has no choice but to use vsync in the double or triple-buffer mode you've set. This will avoid tearing, but add input latency.
  3. If the FPS is above, the GPU will reject frames ("FPS cap") to keep the application inside the FreeSync window. It will enforce smoothness. You won't get the lowest possible input latency due to rejected frames, but no extra latency is being added.
  4. When your game is in the FreeSync window, this is the lowest possible input latency.

  1. If you really care about input latency, then you can turn vsync off.
  2. If the app is inside the FreeSync window, FreeSync is active. This is the lowest possible input latency.
  3. If the app is below the FreeSync range, monitor will run at max refresh until the app's FPS gets back inside the DRR window. You will experience tearing, but no frames will be buffered or held as with vsync.
  4. If the app is above the FreeSync range, monitor will run at max refresh and your FPS can go however high it will. This sustains the lowest possible input latency because no frames are being buffered, held or rejected as with vsync. You will experience some tearing until the FPS falls back inside the FreeSync window and FreeSync resumes.

  1. If your monitor has a sufficiently wide range to support our Low Framerate Compensation feature, this supersedes your vsync setting. It has lower input latency, no tearing, and no vsync stutter. It's much better than vsync.
tl;dr: Most people want to leave FreeSync + Vsync enabled.

PROS: GPU won't waste power/heat/noise on unused frames, game forced inside the FreeSync range as often as possible, no stuttering, no tearing.

CONS: Lowest possible input latency will not be achieved if app goes outside of FreeSync range. Vsync stutter possible when app is below FreeSync window.

If you're a stickler for mouse latency, use FreeSync + vsync OFF.

PROS: No stuttering/tearing inside FreeSync window, lowest possible latency at all times.

CONS: Tearing possible when app leaves FreeSync window

IF app FPS < min_refresh THEN Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) supersedes vsync.


My 60Hz BenQ 4K 32" HDR monitor only has a FreeSync Range of 40 to 60 Hz.
I am running Radeon Chill with Chill_Min of 30 to save maximum power.
The Adrenalin 2019 improved power Radeon Chill behaviour used to clamp rapid mouse movement to Chill_Min of 30 FPS.
Now in Adrenalin 2020 it is only clamped by Chill_Max.
Again I set Chill_Max to 300 so I can achieve 55 FPS with Keyboard only input (hold W,to walk or Shift + W to run).
This is the same FPS range I see on other games with those Chill settings.
Looking BF1 last night on DX12 Ultra Vsync off, FreeSync on I was seeing the following power numbers with no user input on an RX Vega 64 Liquid.

Chill_Min  Power Consumption 

30             82   W

40             103 W

50             125 W
60             150 W

So as you can see - it was looking like at least a 20 Watt power saving for every 10 FPS reduction in Chill_Min with the in game character stationary and no keyboard input.

No keyboard input and simply moving the mouse from side to side quickly the FPS shot up over100 and the reported power was in 250-300W range. 
I think that is alot of power to waste to look at a blurry screen. 
I think it would be great to allow the user to set the mouse movement FPS value with Chill. But reverting to the old clamp to Chill_Min seems enough for now.

Adept III

My workaround is to use RTSS on its own (i.e. not with MSI Afterburner) and set to 60fps (for my 60Hz monitor). It works very well.........when I remember to run it before opening my games that is! I have read that RTSS as a CPU limiter is actually technically better than FRTC (GPU limiter), but I loved FRTC's reliability and simplicity and by setting it globally, I did not have to constantly remember to enable it each time (like I do now with RTSS) prior to gaming. 

Having a max frame limiter also throws up a seperate but related issue with the new 2020 edition of Radeon Settings. Setting RTSS to 60 fps on a 60 Hz monitor confues the heck out of Game Advisor as it makes all sorts of suggestions on how I can improve my performance, but I am not actually wanting to run faster than 60fps. When I run say Metro: Last Light on my 1440p 60Hz monitor using my 5700XT reference card without a fps limiter I can easily get 105fps to 130fps - but I prefer to lower my power/heat/noise by capping fps to 60 to align with my monitor. Game Adviser is not smart enough to recognise this approach. 

Adept II

Oh gosh, its worst than I've imaged, FRTC is indeed missing. That was not only an option to avoid lag but also one that provided power efficiency by limiting the demand on GPU (oh wait, that's another feature that vanished into thin air since Adrenalin 2020 19.12.2 crap). If Adrenalin 20.1.5 don't bring back FRTC and Power Efficiency I'll lose my hope with Radeon cards.

Adept III

Radeon Settings Version

FRTC works very well! iiyama 2560x1440p 144Hz

No Random Black Screen

No Graphic Bugs in Ion Fury

Installing only Display Driver No ReLive

I have to say that AMD has done some good work with Navi but that new Driver is the biggest Disappointment!

I am very happy with this Driver Version! FRTC and Freesync limiting fps to 144 no tearing no input lag no v-sync!


Hi  ghost13 

Thanks for the information.

I have a few questions for you please.

1, RE: Radeon Settings Version 2019.0910.1749.32088

I think that Radeon Settings Version  is from the Radeon Adrenalin 2019 19.10.1 release is that correct?
A google search for that Radeon Settings Version points to this: 

This ppst seems to indicate that as well.

DVI not work after driver update 

Is that the correct Driver Versiion you are runniing?

2. RE FRTC works very well! iiyama 2560x1440p 144Hz

By FRTC I assume you mean Global FRTC in Global Settings or Profile Settings.
I assume you have turned Radeon Chill off completely

Is that Correct?

3. RE: iiyama 2560x1440p 144Hz

Could you please tell me the exact model nuimber for your monitor?

Do you know what the FreeSync Range is on that monitor?

You should be able to go to the Display Section of Adrenalin 2019. Hover over the Freesync control. and it will tell you. 


This is my Monitor:

iiyama G-Master GB2760QSU-B1 (27", 2560 x 1440 Pixels)

Yes! You found the correct driver version!

I am using FRTC only by game profiles not global. Freesync ON, V-Sync off. I don't use Chill i don't like it.

I had some Black Screens with this Driver to. I think this is a Freesync FRTC Problem. With my old 1080p HDMI Display there where no Black Screens.

I really think about going to green team next but when AMD fix Drivers and Big Navi is good then i will buy Radeon again.


That looks like a really nice monitor.

The specifications for the monitor are here:
27" Iiyama G-Master GB2760QSU-B1 - Specifications


It shows a full FreeSync Range from 48-144 FPS on DisplayPort for a 144Hz Monitor.

The theory based on what I read from AMD.:
The monitor should operate with absolutely mininmum lag as it should output an image when the GPU outputs frames for FPS of 48 - 144.
Above 144 FPS you may get screen tear if in game Vsync is off or if in game VSync is on the Frame Rate should get locked into 144Hz.
You don't need Global or Local FRTC anymore because in game frame rate limiter and / or Radeon Chill is the solution.

1. Just concentrating on the top end of the FreeSync Range, can you expand on why you use FRTC for your game profiles please?

2. Do you see problems with the display output or keyboard/mouse response if the GPU outputs  FPS in the 140 - 150 range?

3. Do you find that capping maximum Frame Rate lower than the top end of the FreeSync Range helps GPU output frames at a more consistent rate to avoid problems with 1 above?

4. RE: I don't use Chill i don't like it. - could you expand on why you do not like using Radeon Chill? Have you tried running Chill with Chill_Min = Chill_Max as a Frame Rate Limiter with FRTC off? What were your obeservations? Were there any games that you tried to use Chill where Chill was not supported?

5. Do all of the games you run have built in Frame Rate Limiters?

6. Do you see any problems if you run the monitor with FreeSync enabled if the GPU output FPS is in 45-50 range around the bottom end of the FreeSync Range of 48FPs?  Does in game Vsync change behaviour / improve problems at the low end of your FreeSync Range?



First of all i have to say: Thank you!

It's really nice to have a constructive conversation.

1. Using FRTC to limit fps to 144 with Freesync is a lag free experience and i have to admit i never want to get back to 1080p 60Hz and less than 27" It is like Mario takes a Mushroom or the Doom Slayer with the BFG!!! Soo much better and the crisp output of that iiyama display was and is stunning!!!

1.1. MGSV TPP as a special game (console port). It is locked to 60 but i unlocked the fps. With this game i only use Freesync ON no FRTC no V-Sync.

FPS jump around 84-120+ no tearing smooth gameplay.

2. I don't noticed input lag (Keyboard/Mouse)

3. That's hard to say. It depends from game to game. Some are fine with FRTC @144 but others run better with -1/2 fps.

4. Chill is not my thing! It limits my GPU and i don't need that and it generates bad lag. I testet a bunch of games but that was about 1 Year a go so i don't remember all the games.

I run my Vega64 with a nice undervolt/overclock Power Play T. Edit.

Please give me some time to reply... thx



I used the AMD Windmill App to test Freesync and it runs very well!  This is also a good test for Freesync vs. V-Sync on/off

3. I have something to add: It is recommended to set the Frame Limit with -2/3fps. 144Hz -2/3fps = 141/142 fps frame rate target

This is the optimal setting but it depends on which game engine it is. With Unity -3fps. Unreal ? idTech DOOM (2016) 144fps frtc is smooth like butter

Some say that with Freesync you should also use V-Sync ON but for my Monitor i don't need that. I have a range from 48-144Hz so why should i use it when i have a strong enough GPU?! I really really don't like V-Sync! Since the introduction of Variable Refresh Rate Displays V-Sync should be banned!


6. Sorry but i can't remember any game that was running under 60fps! Except Postal 4 but that game is a early early build. Sometimes it runs fine with Freesync but sometimes i think Freesync does not work at all... frtc works fine but i had some crashes and bugs so i play without Freesync or V-Sync for now. Waiting for the new update : )


Thanks for your replies.

I test low end of the FreeSync range by running a game like Assassin's Creed Odyssey or BFV or similar at maxed out graphics settings at 4K.

If I do not have a 4K monitor attached but only a 1080p monitor I turn on AMD Virtual Super Resolution and set it to 4K, the graphics workload will be 4K but it will then be downscaled to 1080p again.

Another way can be to turn on in game frame rate limiter but most do not go lower than 60 FPS.

Another way to test it is to turn Chill on and set Chill_Min = Chill_Max = lower than bottom end of FreeSync Range, for example 38 FPS. 

Anolther option was to use AMD FRTC and set it to lower than bottom end of FreeSync Range, for example 38 FPS. 

Another option is to download and install RivaTuner standalone - there might be some Windows 10 Adsministrator issues that will not allow you to run the RivaTuner standalone. It is something to do with a security certificate.

I can download and install MSI Afterburnerner as more modern versions of RivaTuner are bundled with it.

I will post a couple of screen shots to show Chill FPS spiking for a number of different games as soon as I can.

Videos showing using Radeon Chill on BFV at 4K Ultra have just completed processing.
I have uploaded the initial videos to this post so you can take an initial look.

Adrenalin 19.12.1 drivers used.
I will add more information to the videos later.

My Chill related settings are:
Chill_Min = 30.
Chill_Max = 300.

Global FRTC = 59.
Local FRTC = OFF.

Using Radeon Chill lets me run BFV at 4K Ultra for 15-30 minutes gameplay w/o Game / PC Feezing/ Crashing/ Hanging/ BlackScreening or rebooting.

I used Radeon ReLive to record the videos.

You can watch them in 4K.

Video links below:

Global FRTC and Radeon Chill in Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 on BFV at 4K Ultra Video 1. - YouTube 

Global FRTC and Radeon Chill in Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 on BFV at 4K Ultra Video 2. - YouTube 

Global FRTC and Radeon Chill in Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 on BFV at 4K Ultra Video 3. Chilling Temps. -... 

Global FRTC and Radeon Chill in Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 on BFV at 4K Ultra Video 4. - YouTube

Hi alseu 

The videos are posted above.
Videos with RivaTuner Overlay showing Chill FPS spiking are still processing.

Thank you for posting these videos. 
I've never considered myself using chill the way you described (chill max = 300 + fps limiter) and i think that this is how Chill should work in the first place. With it's default state i can't find any situation where it would be usefull and wouldn't lower average framerate while in action in any game. Thanks for that too.
It's really a shame that your Vega 64 liquid crashes without Chill, why is that? Is it happening in a complete stock or it's a result of HBM2 overclock?
Will wait for your next testing steps for comparison.


The RX Vega Liquid crashes with the card running at stock depending on the driver version or with a small undervolt.