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    FreeSync work only with Vsync on?


      Hello, some times people ask me how to enable freesync and i answer, enable  Freesync on your monitor osd and of course on amd pannel control, then in game enable Vsync and Freesync work, so this is the right way for using amd freesync? Or if is possible use frame rate target control  and FreeSync still working? Thank you.

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          Vsync needs to be disabled.

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            Hey padsi,


            ray_m is correct. For optimal FreeSync performance V-Sync should be disabled and frame rate target control should be set -1 FPS lower than your refresh rate to eliminate the chance of screen tearing. As an example if you have a refresh rate of 75Hz, open the Radeon Control panel using the slider set your FRTC slider to 74Hz. This ensures that you eliminate screen tearing while also maintaining your monitors optimal response times, experiencing the full benefits of FreeSync.


            *Also note, that in Open GL or Vulkan API designed titles as an example Rage (Open GL) or DOOM (Vulkan), Frame Rate Target Control (FRTC) isn't fully compatible and thus the end user should enable V-Sync if they wish to ensure that their frame rate matches/not exceeds their refresh rate, thus eliminating screen tearing, while also ensuring that FreeSync is still actively enabled in the case you experience any frame rate drops. This is the sole situation that an end user should enable V-Sync, because the end user will experience reduced monitor response times, but of course the caveat being it does solve screen tearing, whilst still  providing some aspects the FreeSync technology provides. Figured I'd clarify this aspect of a rare situation where an end user may in fact require V-Sync being enabled.

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                Actually, this is incorrect. In the situation you described, what happens when you hit a cutscene at 30FPS locked? Unless you have a 30HZ and higher FreeSync monitor, you'll get tearing.


                You can absolutely use FreeSync and Vsync together, and providing the game works well with Vsync, i would actively recommend it as the ideal solution. This will ensure you are within the FreeSync range 100% of the time. FreeSync removes every single negative aspect of Vsync (input lag, stuttering) so there is no reason to disable it, unless the game in question performs poorly with Vsync enabled. Whenever possible i use Vsync and FreeSync together.

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                    I have also found this to be especially true for slower machines that also don't always hit 60 fps. I often drop into the low 40's & the combination of  Vsync and Fresync make my system buttery smooth. Without Freesync on I stutter. With my target rate set to my Vsync / monitor refresh rate and Freesync on my game play is the best I have seen. So I vote that using Freesync works with Vsync on too! Every configuration/game can change things too so obviously YMMV. I would also add that I'm sure that Vsync still being on negates the feature of reducing that millisecond of so called lag that Freesync provides relief from. However for those of us with lower system specs reducing the tearing and stutters is the bigger concern. JMHO & I'm still getting kills just fine.