GUIDE- HOW TO FIX RYZEN temps, voltage and performance

Discussion created by roger40 on Jul 3, 2020
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Hello, new amd ryzen onwer on ym first real gaming pc. I was really disapointer with default settings and AutoOC, gaming reached 72º and performance was bad, idle temps were very bad (50-60 always jumping)

Now i get 52-56 while gaming and idle temps of 36-44 not jumping much at all. Score improved by 150 points in multicore cinebench test.


1- Go to bios disable PBO, seach for settings called "CPPC ...... " eanble them ( thay are at Auto)
2- Open ryzen master select any profile go to Manual tab select all cores to 4.2 speed and peak voltage to 1.26875 OR all cores to 4250mhz and peak voltage to 1.28xx 

3- load or make a decent fan profile

4- run cinebench multi core test, if your chip is like mine pc will handle it and you may have between 3720- 3280 depending on cpu ghz you defined above.

Now pass those settings to bios or keep using ryzen master, its the same. Report your results. Ty. Also dont worrie about the safety of what you just done, you actualy improved performance, lowered temps and peak voltage and even if the cpu wont idle at less voltage , if it is below 3.15 its Super safe.