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FPS Drop

Question asked by semih058 on May 31, 2020

Hello friends,

I get serious performance degradation after reformatting. Just before reformatting, I was playing very smoothly in games like CoD Warzone and PUBG and like these games. But after reformatting, I became unable to play games from FPS dropping.In pubg even map can't render fast.In small games, an instant FPS drop comes in. Things like driver versions, Security Updates, Windows-based game tuning are all exactly the same. I couldn't solve the situation, I'm waiting for your help.



R5 2600 Temp : 58(Max)


RX 570 Temp : 60(Max)


James Donkey 512 GB M2 SSD - Write : 1980 Read : 1680


Adata XPG D10 8 GB 3000 MHZ

Kingston 4 GB 2400 MHZ


Windows 1903 KB 4537572

GPU Driver = 20.4.2


I have installed Chipset Driver.