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Ryzen 2700x reboot and temps

Question asked by alingheaja on Dec 25, 2018
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Just finished building my new pc with 16 gb a-data ram (tested ok) Asus prime b350m-a (latest bios update), Asus rog strix rx 480 (tested ok). Ryzen 2700x(no oc, not my type) . Using windows 10 with latest updates and drivers.

With stock cooler I get 48-55 Temps in idle, if try to play nfs payback it hits 78-80! Under stress test it goes over 88. Ryzen master shows Temps lower with 10 degrees. I replaced the stock cooler with Leto pro black. Temps now are lower Under stres test it hits max 82/83 but I get reboot after 10-15 min. Even if I play fortnite for 5 minutes and the Temps don't go over 65-70 I still get forced reboot. No bsod . Nothing. I don't know what to do next... Also all Temps are with case open. I have 4 extra fans on my case. Any one please tell me what to do or what is the cause of this ?