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Screen Flickering after GPU Upgrade R9 270 to RX 570 - 18.9.1

Question asked by neneyy on Sep 16, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by Hardwood

Hey guys, computer novice here. I just upgraded my GPU from a Sapphire R9 270 to an MSI RX 570 a few days ago, and while it seemed like a perfect upgrade at first, I'm dealing with some really annoying issues. My screen tends to flicker moving singular pixels all across the monitor, and even seems to show black boxes in screens of some games when I alt tab or just randomly, making them unplayable. I'm thinking its a software issue as whenever I uninstall the graphics drivers to the windows basic ones, the screen flickering seems to cease. I've tried clean uninstalling to multiple recent drivers for it, but all of them seem to recreate the problem. Other things I've tried include:

-Clean reinstall of up-to-date graphics display drivers (Radeon 18.9.1), as well as a clean installing to older drivers

-Reseating the GPU in multiple PCI slots/checking it is firmly placed in

-Alternating monitors and chords

-Changing VGA chords from PSU

-Windows 10 restore (keeping files)

-PSU paperclip test

Its starting to drive me crazy! If you have any suggestions on how I can fix the issue, I'd be super grateful. Been troubleshooting all weekend and just want to get back to gaming.




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