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AMD drivers.. apparently, it's been a while that they trawl..

Question asked by icedk on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by icedk

Between install, uninstall test, do, test, check remake, reboot, clean up, reboot again and again, etc.

This does not lead me to say, as a certain ignorance: never again AMD, step to Nvidia etc.

(the problems that nvidia has also know, not to mention that it costs + of what it really offers (Apple teaches) and since I am not inclined to "to fatten swollen cows" .. XD)
I got a lot annoyed and I do not get lost in other words
windows 7 64bit / r9 390
There is little to do, the things are that: the drivers seem to be released, but very little tested before.
You have various problems reported and not by AMD users, the solution remains to return to a previous version but at least less problematic in most cases, stop.
For those who can not stand wattman and the first drivers who did not have a "stable settings" of the same: 16.9.2
For those like me who have problems with flickering due to the Adrenaline (yes, the whole series have flicker problem) last good drivers for me become: 17.9.3

Are drivers dated? So let's keep the problems.Because there is not a single current or recent driver, that I personally have not found worse or really problematic.

Is the problem only mine? Hello and strangers like first XD


Yes I tried them all, always with clean installation ddu and all various reboots. Reporting everything to support in detail has not helped,
now I'm really fed up, to the point that, i would send you to hell XD
I used a translator and this is a personal advice and opinion.