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Request for help to identify a component on an R9 Fury X please.

Question asked by colesdav on Apr 16, 2018
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I purchased a second hand Powercolor R9 Fury X and a component of the back of the card has blown or was previously modified.
I cannot post pictures of the card at the moment. I cannot teardown the GPU to look to see if there is damage to the other side of the PCB yet.


I would have purchased a new card ... but was unable to. I invested in R9 Nanos / Fijii based cards as RX Vega release was so late.
RX Vega 64 cards are overpriced or > 2 slots high and cannot work with R9 Nanos in Crossfire.


The R9 FuryX card failed within 1 day of use. I had just started testing the card with default clocks, fan speed and power target.
I was running Windows 10 64bit, i7-4790K at default clocks, 32GB Ram, Primary GPU = Powercolor R9 FuryX, Secondary GPU = PowerColor R9 Nano. PSU = Corsair AX1200i. 
I was running Adrenalin 18.3.4. driver and Wattman Fan controls seemed to be working fine.
I tested DisplayPort 1 and 2. I ran 3D Mark  Firestrike and Timespy Demos (not benchmarks), and a few hours of some AAA games.
Card temps seemed fine @ ~60'C during testing.
Card crossfired O.K. with a PowerColor R9 Nano.
I powered the PC down. I connected the third DisplayPort Output to the monitor and I booted up the PC.
The Red Radeon Logo lit up on the R9 Fury X but the Red and Blue tachlights did not power up, the fan did not spin and I got no display output.


Could someone with an R9 Fury X to help me identify the component on the back of an R9 FuryX card and it's function if possible please?


Here is a picture of a teardown of a functional R9 Fury X (not the card I purchased) with the component of interest circled in red named B200.



I think the card is totally beyond repair. The damage at the red area is bad. Either someone had previously modded the card to temporarily replace a blown component or the component shown had failed due to overuse.


I have already tried opening an AMD Support Case (they cannot help), and contacted PowerColor Support (No response).


However if I could identify the component it might help me work out what happened/ went wrong with the card.