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Return boot kit

Question asked by shanemjn on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by shanemjn

Hi All


I received my boot kit a few weeks ago and have finally managed to get my 2400g to work, the problem I have now is how do you return the boot kit? The email states to use the box it came in but this has all of my details on, including information DHL wrote on the box to, one, send it to a pick up location and, two, use a one day courier to send the boot kit as they were having issues with the pick up points. I can get another box to ship it in but I don't have a shipping label or any information except for two different shipping addresses, one on the email confirming the boot kit was being sent and another on the RMA email, and an account number for DHL but on information as to what to do to arrange shipping.


Has anyone sent the boot kit back yet or shed any light on what I'm supposed to be doing.