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RX Drivers + Windows Server 2016

Question asked by maddoggyca on Feb 25, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2018 by brian0218

First off, Yes I know  AMD Drivers are Not Supported on Windows serve


how ever... having the ability to install win10 x64 drivers on server 2016 minimal would do a hole lot of good regardless if its supported or not.


Could the AMD team not block the driver install ,


I personally have Win Server 2016 Essentials in my house used for file sharing, Vmware, Web page hosting, game  server hosting and I also need the use of  GFX card to handle video processing, rendering, and compiling.  which is why I personally need  "minimal" Driver install , (settings app would also be nice) (I also do some gaming on it directly when my main gaming rig is in use.)


Im stuck on 17.7.2 because its the last version that didn't block the install and it works and all but its also outdate by a lot. If I knowen AMD blocked the driver install I would have bought a NV 1050ti over the MSI RX 560 Nitro (4gig) solely because of drivers.. (my server requires a GPU due to the fact there zero integrated video, due to being Xeon cpu). So it was either 1 or the other at 75watt or lower is what I was stuck with in chooses..




Trying to install the driver manual via device manager or forcing the .inf/.ini file to install dose not work on the newest driver ether..


once again I know its not support.. which is fine... but don't block users from install driver anyways... if it mucks up the users machine that's entirely on them.. and I personally can deal with that.