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Journeyman III

How to install drivers Windows Server 2019 for RX 5700?

Hello, I have a server platform with installed Windows Server 2019

I bought a video card AMD Radeon™ RX 5700 

I tried to install the drivers taken from these pages

Installation from these locations both times failed with an error: Unknown hardware AMD

Help me how to install the driver, I don’t know what to do and what I can not find on the Internet!!!

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The RadeonPro Radeon driver you have posted is an old version.

The latest version of RadeonPro Driver that supports your Windows OS Version is this one: 

RadeonPro Release Notes from blue link above:

The regular Radeon Adrenaline doesn't seem to support Windows Server 2019.  Just mentions it is compatble with Windows 10 only.

Make sure your Windows is fully updated via Windows update and be sure you remove all traces of your current AMD driver to prevent conflicts by using DDU with the internet disconnected and deleting C:\AMD folder.

See if the latest version installs correctly and works.

Adept I

Think I found a work around if you are still looking.
Go through the AMD setup. Let it fail.
I believe this process can be done manually but I used a tool called driverstoreexplorer.

You can then install all of the .inf files that are listed in a directory similar to this one.

It is hard to believe but after a few years of trying this and that that doesn't work, this works.  Oh, joy.

That is, running the inf files mentioned in the post above works.

For server 2016 and rx-470.

This installs the driver.  I haven't found a way to get a amd setup utility that works with it yet.

This works for driver 21.5.2 but not for 21.6.1.  There is a difference in the inf's that causes windows to not install 21.6.1, even though it says it did, even if you revert to the windows default driver.

For the above solution for win 2016, you will need to get a win 7 driver because win 2016 is based on win 7.  Win 10 drivers will not work.  21.5.2 is the last driver for win 7 that amd expects to provide, so server 2016 is stuck there too.  That is the reason for the failure of 21.6.1 in the described above.

This got me most of the way there with Windows Server 2022.  All the driver files were places under C:\AMD\...  folder, but the setup tool would refuse to actually install the driver because it did not recognize the OS.

I opened Windows "Device Manager".  Hold Windows key and press x, and you will see it in the list that comes up.  Then click the display drivers option.  Then click the driver tab and then "Update Driver".  Select "browse for drivers" and then specify the location where the setup tool unarchived the driver files.  For me it was:


Click Next and voila!

Journeyman III

Update to the thread:  I was able to install the drivers (version 22.11.2) using the Device Manager method on Windows Server 2022.