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AMD Quad Buffer SDK - Windowed Mode

Question asked by crefvik on Jul 15, 2013



I've successfully written my own Direct3D 9, 10, and 11 samples using the AMD QBS and I know it works great.  However, one of the biggest complaints I have with the SDK and/or driver is that I cannot develop an application that supports windowed mode.  This is too restrictive.  I've also written samples for NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro using only a passive stereoscopic 3D display and the samples work in both windowed and full screen modes when the NVIDIA stereo driver is set to direct mode.


I have also written my own stereoscopic 3D sample for Direct3D 11.1 on Windows 8 and that does work in windowed mode on a few AMD GPUs.  However, most of the popular rendering engines have not been ported to Windows 8 and DirectX 11.1 so that doesn't help much.


When will the AMD Quad Buffer SDK for Direct3D 9 to 11 will support a windowed mode?