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Journeyman III

OpenCL Intro Tutorial


I´m new with coding OpenCL and I can´t get it...

In the tutorial (hello world)

is some code posted.

At the end of this intro I founb this (in my case):

cl /Fehello_world.exe /Ipath-OpenCL-include lesson.cpp path-OpenCL-libdir/OpenCL.lib

I found the lib-file and the include-path, but I don´t know wher to find lesson.cpp and Fehello_world.exe.

Further, which code needs to put in which file?

I alredy installed AMD APP SDK.

Please help - I would like to understand but I need a impulse.

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I guess lesson1.cpp is the fragmented file described on the link itself. I will ask someone to put a download link to the file to ease beginners.

/fehello_world.exe is visual studio's way to give a name to the exe that should be generated after compiling the code. So you should not worry about it.

As you have already installed APP SDK, you can directly look at HelloWorld sample in AMDAPP/samples/opencl/cl/app/HelloWorld folder. Corresponding Pre-build exe is present in AMDAPP/samples/opencl/bin/.

Hope that helps.