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Journeyman III

AMD Quad Buffer SDK - Windowed Mode


I've successfully written my own Direct3D 9, 10, and 11 samples using the AMD QBS and I know it works great.  However, one of the biggest complaints I have with the SDK and/or driver is that I cannot develop an application that supports windowed mode.  This is too restrictive.  I've also written samples for NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro using only a passive stereoscopic 3D display and the samples work in both windowed and full screen modes when the NVIDIA stereo driver is set to direct mode.

I have also written my own stereoscopic 3D sample for Direct3D 11.1 on Windows 8 and that does work in windowed mode on a few AMD GPUs.  However, most of the popular rendering engines have not been ported to Windows 8 and DirectX 11.1 so that doesn't help much.

When will the AMD Quad Buffer SDK for Direct3D 9 to 11 will support a windowed mode?



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Adept I

Re: AMD Quad Buffer SDK - Windowed Mode

Hi Christian,

Most rendering engines are slowly moving towards adding some stereoscopic support (AMD QB Stereo or Windows 8 Stereo). AMD QB stereo unfortunately only works for full screen exclusive applications only. There are no plans as such for adding windowed mode support since most 3D applications using stereoscopic rendering are full screen applications anyway. There are however middleware alternatives (TriDef) that provide stereoscopic support for several AAA titles that do not have native support. Unfortunately, TriDef uses Quad Buffer stereo extension and does not support windowed stereo.



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AMD D3D Driver Team