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Adept II

SCEP Certificate enrollment amd errors in event log

My specs:


MSI Mini-ITX B450I Gaming Plus AC Motherboard
APU 3200G
Flashed BIOS E7A40AMS.AG0
Update to AGESA ComboAm4v2PI

Windows 11 22H2

I am also getting TPM errors in event log. 


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Big Boss

flangrant99, please post screenshots of the Event Log Basic view. If these look like I expect then they are probably Microsoft problems. Make sure your W11 is current and post the patch level. Thanks and enjoy, John.

Adept II


I also see many 

"The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware failed to execute a TPM command." messages in the event log.


Thanks, flangrant99. See:


This is an HTTP error caused by a bad URL. It is suspected it is caused by a bug in MS software. Please see this thread. Make sure your W11 is current. The latest build for is 22H2 is 22621.1105. Are you at this level? I am running 22H2 on W10 and when first installed one application quit working correctly and took 5 (timed) minutes to open. A few days ago it suddenly started working. I just had a MS update. Enjoy, John.

Adept II

Edition Windows 11 Home
Version 22H2
OS build 22621.1105

Moving on, this is a fresh install so examining errors, etc. For now I will ignore these. I can see these same error being talked about a year ago all over the internet. Strange that a bad url would not be fixed in this time. From what I can tell some say shutting off TPM makes these go away. Thanks for your help.


flangrant99, some years ago I replied to a user of a 3990X (64 Cores/128 Threads). Only 64 threads were being used. It is yet to be resolved. The discussion moved to GitHub and I followed and continue to get e-mails about it. I, and a lot more, think this is a Microsoft bug but it is still outstanding. I will provide you with links if you like. Enjoy, John.