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Adept I

5800X3D Temps, is it normal ?

Hello all,  Recently I built a new PC with Ryzen 7 5800X3D, but i'm worried about temps.

Just right after I start PC the idle temp goes instantly to 50C and in windows it sometimes ramp up to 60-70C randomly.

I'm wondering if its just a normal behaviour, because when I check HWinfo, the CPU VDD Voltage randomly jumps up and down and also power consumption sometimes jump up to 71W in IDLE!. 

During gaming on CPU related games my temps are sometimes a bit confusing.   in World of warcraft on Ultra settings,  the temp goes max to 82C

But in AC Odyssey, the temps will ramp up to 91C and then it will just stay there, no matter what i do with settings.  The CPU however has stable clock of max Turbo boost, even during 91C and no throttle so far.  But I dont want my CPU to be on 91C for several hours during gaming.   Maximum CPU usage is like 35-40% on those Temps.

For now, I did an Undervolt solution which i found on youtube:

In bios, I set  Cpu core ratio to 44.50 and lowered the CPU Core Voltage from 1.294V to 0.95000V

SoC Voltage is left by default 1.088V which seems fine to me.

Results are that my temps during AC Odyssey drops from 91C to 65C at full load and Power consumption drops from 105W to like 71W max. while i still can play on 4450MHZ stable, no BSOD so far and performance loss from undervolt  isn't noticeable aswell.

This solution is probably the only way I can fix this, but I dont understand why some ppl on reddit could have 40C idle and 65C max in gaming. So I was wondering if they also did undervolt but didnt tell that or I just lost a Silicon Lottery.

Power plan in Windows 10 is set to Balanced by default.


My specs:   Cooler Noctua NH-U12A

                    Case  Asus Tuf Gaming GT501 - 3 Front fans 120 MM ,  1 rear fan 140 MM

                    GPU  Asus Rog Strix RX 6700XT

                    MB Asus Rog Strix X570 E-Gaming Wifi II

                    RAM G.skill Ripjaws V 3600MHZ CL 16

D.O.C.P. is On,   BCLK Frequency is set to 1800MHZ by me.

Smart Access memory is Enabled.

Board Bios ver.  4404  AGESA



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Adept I

I get pretty similar issues also with my 5800x3d... Not sure if it's normal though.. maybe the silicon lottery. 


I have same gpu and I am happy with it. are you too? I plan to upgrade cpu because my gpu usage is often 70-80% with 2700x cpu.


I'm very happy with 6700XT so far, the only problem I have is with Windows 10 auto updates keep replacing my old stable drivers, which is driving me nuts...


Deja vu.


According to Noctua Compatibility Chart the NH-U12A is fully compatible to keep your processor cool

According to AMD the Ryzen 7 58003D has a maximum operating temperature of 90c. So if it is going at or above 90c it is slightly overheating and  there probably is some throttling, but very little enough to notice.

So I would look at your air flow inside your PC case. If you remove the side panel to your PC and the Processor temps are cooler that would indicate poor air circulation inside your PC case.

I would also make sure your PC Case fans and filters are all clean for maximum air flow.

Do you have a 2 fan Push-Pull configuration of Fans on your Noctua? That might help prevent your CPU from overheating.

I would temporarily reset everything in BIOS that you did for the processor to check the above suggestions. If it still overheats with the side panel off and clean PC Case filters and fans than you can change the settings back to the way it kept your CPU cooler.

Also sometimes the heat from the GPU fans exhaust might be directed at the CPU causing the CPU to run hotter since it isn't circulating cool air.

Make sure there are no obstructions in air flow to your CPU Cooler fans and the CPU Cooler heat sink isn't dirty.



As I wrote above, the whole PC is newly built, everything is clean and airflow is definitely not the problem. 

Yes I do have a 2 fan Push-Pull configuration.

I even tried to re-paste with different methods, but it was zero difference.  However, what I found is that Thermal Paste matters and NT-H1 isn't probably good enough for this CPU.  My friend has similar build and he used Evolveo Ptero TC thermal paste with Silentium PC Fortis 5 Dual Fan and his temperature were around 72C.


For me personally I'm playing with Undervolt over 3 months with no problems or BSOD so far, so I will probably stick into that.



What are the CPU temps when running a purely CPU load like Cinebench R23?

CPU was around 82-84 max in Cinebench


So what is interesting there is that Cinebench likely loads the CPU more than AC Odyssey does for example, but you are still getting lower temps.  That means, the issue with the higher CPU temps in gaming is due to the GPU.  

The GPU you have dumps warm air directly into the case and is raising the ambient temp used to cool the CPU.  The front intake fans aren't pulling in ambient air fast enough to compensate.

It would be worthwhile to add additional exhaust fans along the top of the case, to draw the hot air from the GPU away from the air cooler and out the top.


Or the problem is the game optimization itself.  During AC Odyssey my GPU is stable at 60-65C max. and in other games CPU stays around 85C.  Despite it's still running hot,  I found that those temps are AC Odyssey exclusive.


But even there, the temps are higher in gaming when the GPU is in use than when you put on a high CPU only load.  That is an indication that CPU cooler performance is degraded when the GPU is also running.  That is likely due to the ambient temperature inside the case warming up.


Additional exhaust at the top will help mitigate that.



Adept II

Same cpu here with Asus tuf lc 240 aio.

In cine it goes 85°c max (hwinfo), no throttling. All cores stays about 4250mhz.


Gaming: The squad, Msfs 2020 temps max at about 70°c, same as my Suprim RTX3080.


When in light use, temps stay quite low, no sudden peaks. Idling about 30-35°c.


Make sure bios is updated. Load optimized defaults in bios.  Newest chipset drivers.