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Adept II

Ryzen hidden Offset 0.05V Problem Vcore & DRAM & SoC & BIOS

Ryzen Offset 0.05V Problem Vcore & DRAM & SoC & BIOS

An addition is explained.

If it's an illegal act by an error, a courthouse concludes that.

Even if there is a CPU measurement table mentioned by an indication space of goods, it's about the act for which an enterprise doesn't take responsibility at all in the contents.

" The example "
BIOS of a motherboard is raised, I dated.
The BIOS can't use Ryzen 1500X, unless it's mentioned so.

Even if overclocking is done and it isn't put on any more by a boot, the person who bought a motherboard or CPU can have an update of BIOS compensate everything of the trouble which occurred.
Such meaning.

A BIOS update is supported if it can't be compensated, even if I come, Ryzen 2000 is exclusive BIOS and Ryzen 3000 is exclusive BIOS.
I have to mention such instructions.
If speaking about being official and corresponding more without mentioning, there is obligation to compensate bad all which occurred by a BIOS update.

A judicial judgement of an advanced country is so.

There is obligation to compensate me for it in AMD and MSI.
By a BIOS update, X370 motherboard, about the defect which became not available by Ryzen 1500X.


The cause which isn't put on by a boot is explained.

The occasion using the BIOS corresponding to Ryzen 2000 or Ryzen 3000.
It's frozen by 500% or a blackout is done because the voltage doesn't have enough P2 state-1.5GHz established by default by Ryzen 1500X.
And when restarting a computer of Ryzen, BIOS corresponding to Ryzen 2000 and Ryzen 3000 tries to restart by more than 3.8 GHz unconditionally.

A frequency of the 3.8GHz needs the Vcore voltage of the BIOS more than 1.35 V by Ryzen 1500X.
Because I run out of the voltage naturally if the Vcore voltage is set to the 1.25V transcribed by the previous BIOS by BIOS, it becomes perfect in boot impossibility.

I use X370 GamingPLUS motherboard of MSI by Ryzen 1500X.
It was just boot impossibility.
It was boot impossibility by the formal Vcore voltage.

A judicial judgement of an advanced country.
If informing that even such case corresponds to Ryzen 1500X, there is obligation to compensate a BIOS update to a done after defect.

If it's my CASE, it's that it's also compensated from AMD and MSI so by a judicial judgement.

I'll explain why it'll be boot impossibility.

The Offset voltage of Vcore acts as an X model in 0.10V by limitation for BIOS of Ryzen.
There are no explanation, agreement and transcription of the Offset voltage at all, but it's so.

The Offset voltage also sets it as the voltage of the DRAM and SoC 0.05 V. There are no explanation, agreement and transcription at all, but it's so.

Then it'll be set as Vcore1.25V, but Vcore brings about only 1.15V. Ryzen 1500X is its voltage, and it's impossible to make it more than 3.8 GHz.
It's lacking more than 0.05 V, so when it isn't made less than minus 100 ℃, it's boot impossibility.

Mr. AMD and you'll do that because of directing to establish the Offset voltage on the motherboard manufacturer side.

When setting the Offset voltage to 0.025V, which do I think a group also sued, AMD or a motherboard manufacturer?

I, even if a group doesn't sue, the lawyer who wants money is himself, and a group sues.
When a group sues, CASE like me is the item which can win the 30000%.

Solution method about the case which became boot impossibility because of the lack of voltage of the CPU is explained.

If a CPU clock is AUTO, when there is a product of a CPU clock lower than the voltage of the CPU, I come to the BIOS by a boot by 100%.

Whether inspection method is Ryzen 1600AF, 2600 or 2700, Ryzen APU, Vcore is set as Override 1.25V.
The CPU clock is made AUTO.
When using more computers of Ryzen, I make a blackout freeze.

And please clear CMOS.

It restarts in the state which did CMOS clearance of a motherboard, if Seiko fades away in a restart, the voltage is enough, so it can be settled.

A CPU clock explains about CASE which was more than 4 GHz, not AUTO.
You can never return.
That's it.
When doing CMOS clearance of a motherboard, it's done because of the setting's of the voltage being not changed to the maximum voltage of the default.

When clearing COMS if making them do more than 4 GHz of overclocking, it's necessary that both of a CPU clock and the voltage return to default.
I'll do that because of the thing which can't be done.

If I'm informing that I'm making them correspond by the formula even if they seem to compare and it isn't put on, I have to compensate it.
A judicial judgement of an advanced country is so.


The compensation contents are proposed.

The exchange correspondence of a product is too costly.
Please consider such obstacle.
It should be reconciled at American Amazon gift 50USD or national Amazon gift 50USD I wish.
I explain why it's made Amazon gift 50USD, and it's reconciled.

Please take care to buy CPU using Amazon gift 50USD.
It'll be compensation from the motherboard manufacturer side about a motherboard, so AMD compensates only the re-purchase price of the CPU.

A cost of the Amazon gift can be prepared by the virtual currency I got by a mining.
Directness should exchange the virtual currency difficult to cash for a Amazon gift.

Don't you make it American Amazon gift 50USD?


Could you answer?


Ryzen 5 3600 system crashing when idle 

Ryzen PC crashing at idle or semi-idle

This person is in trouble about a problem of the same Offset, too.

The cause was specified.

Ryzen 1600AF
Radeon RX 580 and the same 14nm.
Ryzen 2000 of TSMC, not 14nm, but 12nm and, GF, made of of it's lower in voltage than Ryzen 1600AF

When BIOS corresponding to Ryzen 2000 and Ryzen 3000 is used, it's lacking in the voltage of the P2 State-1.5GHz, so it freezes by 500%.
A PC does a blackout by 500%.

Please use BIOS to which only Ryzen 1000 corresponds.
And please use the voltage in AUTO.
When freezing, BIOS tries to move by 3.7GHz of XFR unrelatedly in setting of XFR.

When setting the Vcore voltage to 1.25V, it's done 0.05 V whether it's Offset0.10V compulsorily, so it doesn't reach the voltage of the 3.7GHz any more.

When it's so, it's giving up.
A motherboard, it's impossible to use it, it'll be.

Now, I?
It has been completely the same thing by Ryzen 1500X.
And the voltage was designated as 1.25V, so it became perfect in boot impossibility.

The contents.
Now I tried to go to AMD and MSI to charge exchange correspondence when
Yours were seen by chance.
That's it.

Please never make the Vcore voltage any place but AUTO.
And when there is Offset Mode, please suppress it in "-0.05V"-"-0.01V".
When I make it shorter than that in Ryzen 1000, it's dangerous, a motherboard can't be used any more perfectly.

ーーーー Log 1

" Report corresponding to an exchange "
The MSI volume

Rule 1 of MSI
A rule in a purchase store is guaranteed certainly.
Even if I insist that it's a fallout that it was already used and became secondhand, when an exchange is OK at a purchase store, MSI compensates it perfectly.

Rule 2 of MSI
When I paraphrase.
SO where the user received disadvantage by incompleteness of MSI, even if, no MSI compensates it basically.
But even if meaning is an unclear charge, MSI guarantees a rule in a purchase store.
Because MSI is doing that.
Customer service is trash waste mainly perfectly. There is a thing which becomes the trigger which causes the worst defect because of a BIOS update surely.

MSI supports an update of BIOS, but we assume that there was a defect which occurred by an update of BIOS.
Even if MSI is bad, MSI doesn't compensate it at all.
And MSI permits the unjust return act which can be put just after just after the sale, OverClock and the purchase by not compensating customer service at all.
When you'd like to return the goods unjustly, please buy it at the store it's possible to return unjustly.

There is only an idea that a business is being developed this for us in MSI.

X370 motherboard JapanMan has done has put me in BIOS any more only by Ryzen 2600 or the CPU for which 2700 or XFR can't be used.
That's compulsory, it's 3.8 GHz of trouble which moves and does a boot.

The one from such worst CASE isn't compensated a motherboard manufacturer in any place but MSI for at all.

Just in case.
A motherboard manufacturer offers the perfect article return system until the United States is firm, but unjust return isn't just permitted mainly basically.
Therefore there is no customer service at all for the true worst defect.

Intel assumes the voltage doesn't agree to do a BIOS update, and that a chip set isn't interchanged fails in the defect which becomes boot impossibility and a renewal of BIOS, and that breaks perfectly.

A chip set isn't compatible, so meaning, because it's difficult for an unclear defect to occur, an unreasonable BIOS update can be eased.

The BIOS interchange of AMD is quite ideal. Lower compatibility is fine basically.
After mentioning that BIOS isn't optimized by subordinate's CPU, it's necessary to make them download BIOS.

I don't assume that BIOS does a boot by more than 3.8 GHz unconditionally and it isn't done even to know.
AMD doesn't explain at all, so no one knows.

Even if I don't do a class-action suit.
I think the lawyer who wants money does a class-action suit by himself.
This is the near miss by which avoidance is possible.

I'll get Ryzen 2000 of a junk in 50USD later later, and make X370 motherboard restore, I think.
I think everyone makes the impression bad for AMD which makes a consumer say so to AMD.

There is a firm article return system the United States, so because it's possible to return 3 years later of comparison, a problem nothingness comes and finishes.

Because there is such thing really, the article return system is a fact, isn't it?

Really worst.
Pentium G4400-2C2T of Skylake in Intel is used now.

If it's Ryzen 1800X, I think I'm probably in trouble. I run out of the number of cores, so it's very troublesome.

" It isn't optimized at all to lower rank CPU".
" Ryzen 2000 is exclusive BIOS ".

When even the instructions are here.
I didn't have to do a BIOS update and the case that a motherboard becomes useless has not also occurred.

---- Log 2

" Report"

BIOS of Ryzen 2000 was used by Ryzen 1500X. BIOS of 2019 year-Q1 was used.

The worst thing has occurred.

You aren't supposed to use BIOS after Ryzen 2000 that and Ryzen 3000 in Ryzen 1000.
When it's BIOS update, the following contents occur. It occurs by 150%.

1 The voltage is improper for Ryzen 1500X. The low voltage for Ryzen 2000 is established.
2 Therefore when it's being used by P2 State-1.5GHz, an X model of Ryzen 1000 freezes by 500%.

3 When when freezing, the motherboard made BIOS of Ryzen 2000 is restrictive, and an X model, I try to ignore voltage setting and restart it by more than 3.8 GHz.
It's more than 3.8 GHz to invalidate PBO unrelatedly, and it restarts.

4 An X model of Ryzen 1500X&Ryzen is the voltage of Vcore of 1.45V in AUTO because the Offset voltage was established 0.10 V compulsorily.
It was too high in voltage unnecessarily with that, so the 1.25V shown to BIOS of the previous Ryzen 1500X was made Vcore. That's the official rated voltage. BIOS in 2017.

5. Or.
BIOS of a motherboard of X370 was update to one after Ryzen 2000.
The Vcore voltage was abnormally expensive and was 1.45V by AUTO, so the 1.25V mentioned by the previous BIOS was established.
The voltage of the default correspond to Ryzen 1500X for the BIOS, freeze 500% by P2 State-1.5GHz.
When it freezes, even a performance boost and PBO invalidity are more than 3.8 GHz, and BIOS in Ryzen 2000 that tries to restart.
Vcore of the voltage, because 1.25V in other words the Ryzen 1500X rated voltage were established.
Offset is set 0.10 V compulsorily, so the Vcore voltage isn't enough at all.
It has been probably lacking more than 0.05 V, and even if it's cooled, I don't come to less than 0 ℃ by a boot.
In a more serious thing.
Even Ryzen 2000, it's impossible to start, there is a possibility it is.
Only Ryzen 1500X is being bought, so I can't inspect, but if BIOS was going to restart by more than 4.0 GHz, I don't come to Ryzen 2000 by a boot.

Because there were also no explanations compulsorily and AMD and a motherboard manufacturer set the too high numerical value as meaning obscurity as Offset voltage 0.10V without agreement.
Avoidance is a possible near miss.
The event caused artificially.

These contents
The item which can win the class-action suit 30000%.
I think the amount due will be 150USD.
It's 150USD per 1 person, so an object thinks 10,000,000 people will be the scale.

That I don't do a class-action suit.
I think the lawyer who wants gain does on his own.

(What kind of correspondence do you want?)
1 Please drop the Offset voltage established by BIOS compulsorily in 0.025V.
2 Much participation can reduce the number of people of the possible victim in a class-action suit by doing that.
3 But I, now's motherboard, it's impossible to use it, it's eternal to become.
4 Are they the done contents as AMD was called for the motherboard manufacturer side?
It's possible that an exchange answers with X470 motherboard on the motherboard manufacturer side, but it's very unpopular with to make the motherboard manufacturer side bear the cost, so I'm not recommending you.

5 Is Ryzen 1600AF OK? Can I verify whether it's possible to start with that?

First it's an X model of Ryzen 1000 intentionally, not the blue screen which makes Windows10 freeze, and freeze. 1.25V Override mode and BIOS are Q1-2018 year Q4 in 2019, and and a motherboard is X370 for the voltage.

" Please don't change the CPU and restart just as it is".

It can't start really.
I think an LED of an error sparkles with both of CPU and DRAM.

And CMOS is cleared.
Without changing CPU again, please restart just as it is.
It can't start.
It's an error of CPU and DRAM likewise.

Next please exchange CPU for Ryzen 1600AF.
If it can start, it's safe.

I'm prepared without making the motherboard manufacturer side bear the cost.
An impression is very good.
An impression from a market is also Best.
A class-action suit, a victim may be able to be reconciled and may not appear.
I think it depends on an impression of AMD and you can do that.

The longitude and latitude of the PS: BIOS Update X370 Motherboard

When I didn't know Offset, it wasn't put on any more by a boot.
I thought BIOS had begun to break, so BIOS was overwritten.
It was renewed in Q4 in 2019.

The Vcore voltage of the default setting was improper in Ryzen 1500X, so it froze by P2 State-1.5GHz.
It wasn't put on any more by a boot.
Happily it was BIOS, so 1 was made old BIOS - 2018 year Q4 from Ryzen 3000.

And I catch on Offset0.10V now, a motherboard, it's impossible to use it, it was.

It's in MSI and AMD now.
I'm going to go to correspond.

Really worst.

An X model of Ryzen 1000 is exchanged for Ryzen 1600AF or Ryzen 2000, doesn't it correspond?

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Adept II

Post : 24 May 2020

A motherboard was a boot by BIOS of Ryzen, and the cause which isn't put on was specified.
It's a defect.
A performance boost is MOD. The Offset voltage isn't changed and the Offset voltage is added.
Only the voltage isn't reset in clear CMOS.
BIOS of Ryzen specified its cause which fails in a boot. It's a defect.
A performance boost is MOD.
It increases without the Offset voltage's being changed.
For example
Base Offset 0.0375V
Performance boost  Offset 0.10V
A performance boost is MOD.
When turning on a performance boost, Offset is 0.0375V+0.10V.
The defect occurs.
When Ryzen 1700 is 3.5GHz, the voltage is 1.0750V. When Ryzen 1500X was 3,5Ghz and 1.200V, I don't come to the 1500X by a boot.
The evidence that Offset occurs beyond 0.10V.
When BIOS was default, a performance boost becomes on.
But the voltage isn't reset." That's the pressure of Intel".
When the voltage is added to a CPU clock, after a computer made an error, BIOS initializes CMOS.
A performance boost becomes on with that. The Offset voltage will be 0.13750V.
CPU run out of the voltage, so a boot can't be done.
" This is the pressure of Intel".
1. You aren't supposed to make the CPU clock AUTO. A motherboard is the biggest clock of TB, and a boot is done and done (1.40V).
2 There is a Offset bug of the performance boost. You have to establish the voltage highly 0.15 V.
Ryzen 1700 3.5Ghz 1.225V
Ryzen 1600AF 3.8GHz 1.250V
Ryzen 3600 0ffset -0.10V 4.0GHz
Ryzen 4600 Offset -0.10V 4.2Ghz
That the motherboard can set Offset and Vcore, Offset comes and is-0.05V.
And Auto CMOS  A reset is "on". That resets the voltage, the possible only function. When that becomes off, the voltage isn't reset.
" The all is the pressure of Intel".
Adept II

Update 2: 24 May 2020


The act which gives disadvantage to a consumer is prohibited.

This is common sense.

● The problem that a motherboard is failed in Boot
● The problem that the voltage isn't reset in clear CMOS
● The problem Offset of a TB boost is an abnormally too high thing, and that CMOS disintegrates itself
● The problem that CMOS isn't reset though a battery was removed

Give disadvantage to a partner by the flaw = flaw.
(The all is the pressure of Intel.)

On it.
The effect reach of the bug is slight but makes the function of the system cause the trouble I don't have. And don't be possible to repair the bug promptly.

(When or the bug is numerous remarkably, and moreover a trouble is manifested in sequence, and occurs to operation of a system.).
It has to be called something defective in a program.".
As the case when even size revelation and the bug can be a flaw.

(1) The trouble which gives it to the system function is slight but is not.
(2) It can't be repaired, or, the bug of a lot is manifested in sequence, and a system can't work.

Even if the bug is found after delivery.
The bugs are repairs promptly, we assume that there is a flaw in a program when corresponding, and it can be said that a possibility that claims for damages are admitted is very low.
On the other hand because a flaw and an estimated possibility rise when the bug doesn't form for a repair promptly.
The necessity to negotiate for future's processing carefully is forming between the order person.

⇒ The conduct which doesn't handle and discharges harm though a manufacturer knows
⇒ For that to violate the consumer protection (as common sense) in a juror trial.
⇒ The side where a class suit was done is fixation, and I win the case.
(Amazon is for the partner of an agency who puts damage of the cost it required in the bad correspondence on trial.)

Adept II

The Offset voltage is changed to 0.1250V by BIOS of Ryzen. The cause of its bug and a mechanism were specified.

-Offset problem -
Basic : 0,0250V << Probably.
XFR: 0.0500V
TB: 0.0500V

Question) Why is Offset changed to 0.025+0.05+0,05 = 0.125V?
1) Vcore and 2) Base Offset 3) TB and 4) XFR

That's a principle of the program mistake added up:.
MOD which makes "P0 State" that.
But because the voltage is input double, 2.5V hangs.
There is a voltage limiter, so the voltage it doesn't take for that is corrected automatically.

⇒ That's the numerical value remains bug of the "power" in an equipped exchange "defense" (It's the bug work which occurs in SFC: GADYURIN.)
⇒ It's exchanged for Excalibur after an equipped exchange is removed once when it's original.
⇒ When exchanging it directly without removing a weapon, because you don't return it to the beginning, a parameter will be power 50 + weapon 166 + weapon 166 (Power increases in 380.)

In case of a TB boost program
(X) the way to change for that is impossible as a program.
(◎) It's a way right to increase after it's returned to the original numerical value.
Without returning the numerical value, TB and XFR change the numerical value just as it is, it's developed into the numerical value remains bug by the thing you (have added).

Offset is the mechanism added up.
One with an X does an X nothingness, and lay is also the trick to need the voltage wastefully 0.05 V (It's a presence of XFR.)
XFR and TB become effective at default. And it develops into Offset0.1250V problem ⇒ CPU is lack of the voltage and is a boot, and it isn't put on.
To refer to more biggest clocks of 1.40V or 1.50V for default, a fixation kill⇒ mother is dead (The voltage be reset for some reason, a bumpkin includes it, and.)

Post: 25 May 2020

Adept II

27 May 2020: POST

Is Ryzen's P state disabled forcibly? (Commentary)
● Verification: X370 Taichi

(Report from blog)
For the time being, "AMD Cooling function" & "C State function", so the voltage is in the state only below 1,55GHz
P2 State is AGESA prepared by AMD. Whether it is fully adapted depends on the manufacturer.

"Intel pressure"
The P2 State function can execute programs. However 
Whether "Custom P State" is functioning properly depends on the manufacturer (⇒ It is implemented, but buggy.)
Offset 0.125V problem is also "Intel's pressure", XFR and TB boost were implemented, but there is a bug

<want to lower the voltage>
1: P State from 1.55GHz to 3.8GHz cannot be set. The CPU clock is forced to P0 when the power plan balance is exceeded.
2: In case of MSI-X370, you can use P2 State
3: Most motherboards can only turn "ON" in states below 1.55GHz or 2.2Ghz
4: Custom P State "AUTO" = "ON" (but not Enable) ⇒ It is correct to leave it in AUTO
5: CPU clock must be specified! ⇒ If you leave it in AUTO, the CPU will be forcibly booted at 4.0GHz to 4.3GHz and the PC will not boot.
6: For voltage, "Do not specify voltage for MSI" or "There is a risk that the mother will die only in MSI. On that assumption, specify the CPU clock and then input + voltage"

<Is the CPU clock actually going down? >
There is a strong possibility that the CPU clock has dropped internally to 2.2GHz.
If you want to use a voltage less than 1.55 Ghz, "only when you sign out of Windows 10" it becomes valid.
CPU clock dropped to 0.9GHz on MSI motherboard for that motherboard which cannot set voltage

It is a benchmark of 7Zip.
"Only for power saving plans" State function was used
(The score will be 2.2 Ghz.)

When the power plan is used more than the balance ⇒ PC becomes compulsory P0 State

(Q) I bought the 1600AF for some reason. Where is the voltage setting? ..

⇒ Spec guarantee "It is the same voltage as Ryzen 1700 of 14 nm"
First is 3.5Ghz-1.2375V (Offset "-0.10V").
⇒ Perform voltage survey on Windows 10! !
⇒ This is not ZEN +. MAX is about 4.0GHz, 4.1Ghz
With ZEN +, it is 1.10V (Offset 0.000V) at 3.8GHz.
The 1600AF has a higher voltage of 3.6GHz than ZEN +.
The voltage of the Ryzen 1600AF increases significantly from 3.7GHz.
When the CPU becomes 3.8ghz, "Vcore 1.30V Offset -0.10V" is a standard.
The voltage of 3.7GHz is done with Windows 10.
You use the MSI After burner and Ryzen Master. The model that cannot reset the voltage must not be done on the motherboard side.

4GHz-1.275V is NG ⇒ 1600AF fits that. ZEN1 requires 1.425V or more.
What about 4.1GHz? ⇒ That is a false report. Not in the first place. It requires a voltage higher than ZEN + at 3.8 GHz.
(When written in English, the tone, the wording when writing a lie, and the atmosphere are indistinguishable in a foreign language.)