Ryzen 5 3600 system crashing when idle

Discussion created by ipegoraro on Sep 29, 2019
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I recently purchase a Ryzen 5 3600 along with a Asus Prime B450 Plus and a G.SKILL Aegis 16 GB (2x8) f4-3000c16d and the power supply is a Crosair CX450M. I have installed both Windows 10 and Fedora 30, and in both OSes the system is unstable, meaning after a phew minutes of usage (browsing or even staying idle) the system would crash with a Blue Screen of Death or Kernel Panic.
BIOS is up to date to the latest version for the motherboard (1820 released 2019/09/24), already tried with another motherboard (Asus Prime X370 Pro) and same problem.

I've also tried removing one ram DIMM and system is still unstable.


No overclock has been done everything is set to the default values.


Any advice? or should i return the processor?

Thanks in advance