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Journeyman III

ryzen 9 3900x temp

i just got my Ryzen 9 3900x cpu and got started with my work , but when i start rendering on 3dmax cpu usage rises to 100% and tep rises to 84 that ok or what should i do....its my first time using AMD

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84*C is perfectly fine, and to be expected, on the 3900X with the stock HSF. The thermal maximum is 95*C, so well within the safety limits.

Adept II

Hi tilong


Ryzen 3000 series processors run a little hotter than expected and you will see a temperature spike anywhere from 40-60 degrees on even idle. This may seem abnormal but I assure you that all users with the 3000 series processors are facing the same issue. For the time being if you want to control the temperatures manually, you can use the power saver mode in windows power and sleep setting. Make sure the Processor Power Management Min is set to 5% and Max is set to 99%. This will forcefully down clock your processor to 2.2Ghz and keep your temps stable at 36-42 degreesNote however that this will only allow your processor to boost 100Mhz lesser than its advertised base clock! Please turn it back to Balanced or High Performance mode when running heaving CPU intensive tasks for proper performance. 


AMD quotes

"The maximum temperature allowed by stock Zen 2 systems is 95ºC. The system will limit its boost speed to stay under the temperature limit.

It is fine to see jumps on the temperature of around 10ºC when idling. This is normal.

It is also possible that you see high temperatures under load. Up to a limit, this is normally okay due to how Ryzen measures temperature.

Zen 2's manufacturing process has quite a high density. This means that you can see load temperatures somewhat higher than what you are used to. This is normal."


(Highly recommended) If you still are looking for a well-rounded solution, I suggest undervolting the processor. This would allow the temperatures to come down a little (the variation/spike would still happen) but at the cost of your boost frequency which would drop a couple of 100Mhz on single core tasks. If you want a detailed guide, dm me. (this would also better your benchmark results)


Hope this helps.

i'm really thankful for your help and ur time, actually after a month of using my cpu just shut down and i sent it to AMD "(


Oh crap! how did it come to that?


there was no display in the middle of my game and specialists told me it CPU so i sent it back to AMD to see whats wrong