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Adept I

Ryzen 5 5700g Black screen

October last year bought this pc

Ryzen 5 5700g

Ram: aorus 16gb (2x8)

Motherboard: gigabyte b550 ds3h

PSU: FSP 600w 80+ bronze

When I discovered this issue I went to the center I bought this build from and changed first the CPU didn't solve the problem we changed the ram and motherboard basically a whole new build with the same specs we though surely that fixes the problem, it kinda did some games stopped getting a black screen and some not CSGO for example still getting a black screen limiting the framerate to 150fps did fix it, game like ride 4 which getting 50fps (why limit the fps when I'm not getting enough) rarely black screens but it does, funny enough first time i tried writing this post my pc randomly restarted I don't know what to do its been mote than 6 months me and the computer center didn't find any solution.

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