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Ryzen 3800X Safe Overclock and Settings

Hello to everyone;

My current system components;

AMD Ryzen 3800X Processor

Asus ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Motherboard

Asus ROG Strix LC360 Liquid Cooling

Gskill TridenZ RGB 4X16GB (64) 3200Mhz Ram Quad Kit

Asus ROG Strix Vega 64 Graphics Card

XPG SX8200 PRO 512GB Nvme SSD

Western Digital 2X4TB Blue HDD

Corsair RM850X Power Supply.

I am using my processor in factory settings. PBO is active. I did not change any settings. I did not overclock. My processor runs at 1.33volt under full load. And all cores go up to 4175Mhz. Asus set it up this way.

But everybody says something different in my research on the internet. I thought of overclocking, but there are those who say that 1.30volt and above is dangerous. They say the processors degrade.
Here is what I want to ask;
Using it in factory settings wouldn't be a problem, right?
What is the safe constant voltage limit I can give for all cores if I overclock the processor?

I would be very happy if you give information.

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