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I want to become AMD reseller...


My name is Praveen Thomas!, and I'm from India...

I would like to become AMD reseller and resell AMD products to my customers...

Please help me with the procedure...

My email address is

Thank you...


Praveen Thomas

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This is the email address to Contact Partner's Support.: .

Send them an email to see if they can guide you in the right direction.

There are two only AMD Distributors in India according to AMD Partnership website : Partner Portal | Resources Information | AMD Partner Hub







Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd.APJIndiaNoYes+91 22 6177 1771/1772
Tech Data Advanced Solutions (INDIA) PVT. LTD.APJIndiaYesNo+91 80 4420 0200
Adept I

I know this is over a year later, but I still have not found anything which can guide me in the right direction on the partner hub. There is no form to fill or email to contact. I tried the email posted in this thread and have yet to receive a response from it months later. I also tried posting a similar question within the community however, I have received no responses here as well. If you take a look at Intel's partner program, their website is easy to navigate and straightforward.

Maybe if you tried to contact one of the Two Indian AMD Distributors (Tech Data Advanced Solutions or Rashi Peripherals Pvt.Ltd) they should have a direct line to AMD Offices concerning Distributions in India.

Unless you consider them to be your direct competitors. Otherwise, I am out of suggestions unless one of the AMD Moderators is able to help you.

Actually, I am from the Caribbean. I was hoping to become a direct distributor / reseller for the Caribbean market, which is on the rise. Though my country is small, 1.3M people, I know of close to 2000 people who've all made the switch. I mean it is small but also, an untapped section of market (considering all the Caribbean islands)


Sorry, I got confused. I thought you were the original Poster asking the question again. My fault.

I did go to AMD Authorized Distributors to see if there are any in the Caribbean and couldn't find any AMD Distributors in the Caribbean region.

I suggest you open an Online AMD SERVICE REQUEST and ask them where you can go to apply for an AMD Partnership in the Caribbean: 


Not a problem, I just appreciate the fact that someone took the time to reply. I actually was looking at that service request before, but when I saw the "product type" as a mandatory section, I essentially saw it as a roadblock. Unless I just choose one and hope I can get pointed in the right spot. Thanks again.


Under "Products" pick an AMD part that you want to distribute.

Maybe you can write or telephone one of AMD Offices from here: 

The closest one seems to be in Orlando, Florida:


I need authorised direct distributor for Bangladeshi consumer.

Can I register myself as new Bangladeshi authorised director distributor for AMD.

I ensure myself that I will do business with full honesty and transparent with consumer and maintain good relation with suppliers.

Please let us know the further info.