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Journeyman III

Offical Voltage Settings for Ryzen 5 3600 for stock operation?

Has anyone found the official sheet in which the intended voltages of the Ryzen 5 3600 are listed? I don't want to have "rumors" and search for the official paper for those voltages but was unable to find any yet. Reason is i lost already two ryzen 3gen CPU in the last two weeks due to probably borked BIOS Setting with far to high voltage and now want to known what the official intended Voltings on stock operation are to set those in BIOS per hand. i don't trust those Auto setting anymore and can't afford the lost of another CPU due to those bs.

For those who may concern: VCore was 1.445V on "Stock"! Safe max was what? 1.5V? and other "stock" values are around 0.5 V to high. 2nd CPU was already uinstable maybe due to those settings, put it uinder load to find the Error...and Burned out my CPU on 133Amps as the last reading. This was a 65Watt CPU. And i never anticipated that the BIOS has wrong stock settings. Srsly. Some of the Board manufactories has some serious QA issues here. 

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