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Journeyman III

Is my setup compatible for RAM upgrade?

Hello i need your help and i would be very thankful if they could help me. I tried to find answers in the internet and on ASUS support site but without success. My problem is the following

I'm planing to upgrade my PC with 16GB of RAM. I'm currently using ASUS CROSSHAIR X470, AMD 1600X and my RAM Moduls are Trident Z RGBDDR4-3200MHz CL16 running at 3200MHz.

I would like to know can upgrade my PC with additional 2 sticks of the same RAM and at the same speed (4x8GB Trident Z RGBDDR4-3200MHz CL16) on my configuration? If yes, I would like to know can I run Ryzen 3000 processor on this configuration 4 x 8GB at 3200MHz?

I plan to upgrade my CPU later this year.

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ASUS doesn't list 4 module RAM DDR4-3200 support for first generation Ryzen processors.

And for Ryzen 3000 series, officially they support these two ad DDR4-3200 speeds, and numerous others at higher speeds.

So I would suggest you either go by the QVL ists at and/or ask on the ASUS forums.