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Journeyman III

normal 3900x temps

My new 3900x runs at between 48 and 55 degrees at idle. When gaming maxes out at 95 degrees. have latest bios on asus x570 tuf wifi as well up to date motherboard drives.

Is 95 degrees normal while gaming?

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Adept III

no that's not normal. gaming utilizes only couple cores, usually only one. temp with stock cooler should be around 60C. Only when you load all cores you might see temps climb to 95c. I had temps close to 95c with stock cooler only when running CB20 multi core benchmark.

Adept I

I had the same issue on day 1 of my build, the fix, which I found here, Change from Ryzen Power Plan to Windows Balanced Power Plan. My temp dropped down from 55-60c idle to 35-40c and gaming from 90-95c down to 75-80c max after 4 hours of gaming ( it runs at 65-70c in the first 2 hours of gaming).

Give it a try see if it works.



r9 3900x


samsung evo 970 500gb

gigabyte aorus x570 elite

bequiet 700w PSU

hyperx predator black 16 gb 3200mhz.

I don't know if this change of power plan had something to do with PC suddenly not starting after 5 days ( all fans spining, no error beep codes, RGB on MOBO and GPU doesn't light up ) I sent my mobo to warranty and still no answer.


Thanks, I have tried this. My temp says at 55 - 60 in idle. It jumps up to 95 on game startup and goes at tome to 100 in the first 2 -3 min. I have set the power to low and the idle temp drops to 38 - 42. However, if I start gaming it takes about a minute to jump back into the red and hovers around 95 -98. Temps still too high. Exiting the game it drops back almost very quickly to around 60 degrees.

I have a Gamdias 240  AIO (This was installed at initial build by the vendor, not my first choice) so temps should be lower than the stock cooler.

Not sure if the cooler is not seating correctly, is faulty or if there is a problem with the termal paste.

Have contacted vendor support to see if they have any answers.