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Adept I

Need AIO cooling help for Ryzen 5 3600



I am writing to ask what is a decent budget AIO liquid cooler for the Ryzen 5 3600?

I am looking for 2 120mm fans on it.

It has to be liquid cooled or I would go with Noc.




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Adept II

Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240mm is a great performing cooler, and even has a small fan on the CPU block that cools the motherboards VRM's!

Can't go wrong with a Corsair H115, it's what I use on my R7 3700X.
Adept II

Most of the AIO units are using Aluminum coolers (Asetek) and plates.

Nothing wrong with this.  Works well enough and so long as you're not mixing metals, you don't have to worry about galvanic corrosion.

You're looking for a 240mm setup.  Providing Newegg links.  Double-check against Amazon for lowest price.

CoolerMaster ML240L : $55

The V2 variant costs about $24 more : $79

EVGA : $79

Thermaltake : $98

Corsair : $99

Antec : $91

NZXT : $130

As I said, most of the rads in these are the same manufacturer (again, Asetek).  So the price difference is down to other things, like component quality.  The pump, fans, etc.  Performance variance is all basically "margin of error" levels of difference.

If all you're doing is cooling a 3600, you're fine wit any of the choices.  Maybe do a little looking to see what features you want (or want to avoid).

Personally, I'm a HUGE non-fan (see what I did there?  *NUDGE*NUDGE* See!) of LED-laden coolers.


For 2 x 120mm and a 240mm radiator I recommend the Corsair H100i V2. Runs ~$89 USD. I'm a Corsair user for many years, still have an H100i v2 sitting after upgrading to the H110i (now the 115i) after building a fresh PC. They have 5 year warranties and have yet to have one fail. Be sure to mount it on top or with the hoses down if front mounting! Having the hose up can/will cause the pump to suck air with liquid and not cool as efficient or outright fail. Some cases allow for a side mount, board side and the hoses can easily be mounted downward. Here's a video of why I mention the mounting:

Stop Doing It Wrong: How to Kill Your CPU Cooler (AIO Mounting Orientation) - YouTube

"It worked before you broke it!"

All ryzen cpu's run very hot and need very good cooling.  ( everything below 90c is okay for ryzen by the way  )

I highly recommend this one since with 3 fans vs 2 versions you will be able to run your fans slower so the cooling system make less noice.


Oh God.  Not Steve's video again.

Before recommending Steve's video, take a look at this Jayz2Cents video explaining what Steve took WAY too long to get around to in the video.  Meaning most people skip around in it and come away misunderstanding what was said.

TLDR: Radiator orientation doesn't matter.  You just don't want your PUMP being the top of your loop.

Talked to Corsair's engineering dept. TDLR they said hoses are longer to allow for side mounting, board side with the hoses DOWN. They advise to top mount as a first solution. An air pocket will always go to the top and Corsair fills to 90%, so 10% is air which will go to the top tank, whether it has hoses or not, if mounted vertically. You want the hoses completely submerged in liquid, not halfway or 3/4. Did you ever cut one open to see if that video makes sense? I have. No, I watched the entire thing, he gets to the science end and when he says the pump should be the lowest part in the loop, does that pic Brains posted look to you like it's in the lowest part? No. It's in the middle and I guarantee you there's an air pocket in that top tank. 

"It worked before you broke it!"

Having a little air in the top of the rad isn't really an issue.  At worst, you'll get a little gurgling from the system.
Having air IN THE PUMP = BAD.


Strongly recommending cooler master v2 240ml

Very quiet, efficient and good looking. 





Blow that hot air from the GPU in to the radiator. Ignore science for "looks". Looks like there's room on top for the cooler to top mount. Nah, go ahead and toast that rig. Not my money.

"It worked before you broke it!"

Totally agree, ALWAYS mount at the top it's as simple as that


Any reasons to mount it ALWAYS on top other than GN video ? In top mount I had 40C in idle with 50-55 during gaming, that hot liquid gets when it does not feed fresh air. In front mount idle temp is 29-30 with 40-42 during gaming


Reasons not to top mount:


  1. Doesn't fit the case or can't be made to reach the item(s) being cooled.
  2. Can't be mounted unless you forgo fans on the rad, vs using front case fans.
  3. Top isn't vented (yes, I've seen people do stupid crap like this).